Robbins Madanes Coaching Review: The Truth About Strategic Intervention

Q: Is the Robbins Madanes coaching program legitimate?

Can you really help people empower themselves, change their lives for the better AND learn to help other people by sharing their gifts with the world to begin with?

And who is the ideal audience, client or client for Robbins Madanes strategic coaching? Is it just for coaches and consultants and people who work with others in the world, or can it help ordinary people who want to achieve extraordinary things?

In this short article we’re going to take a quick and in-depth look at this unique combination of cutting edge psychology, self-improvement techniques, and personal development, as well as some BIG picture “spiritual” stuff that I really believe may be the secret key to living. a life you love. (even if you don’t believe much right now)

First, let’s take a quick look at the absolute basics about the show and the personalities involved.

The truth is, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re certainly familiar with Anthony Robbins, considered the premier “motivational speaker” and expert on late-night infomercials … but who for years has designed himself as an agent. change, top performance coach and strategic interventionist for the masses.

So what is the Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention training program?

Very simple. It is a one-year program that promises not only to transform the lives of those who participate in the learning process of BECOMING a life coach and strategic interventionist (or simply learning the skills to improve their existing businesses, relationships, and conflicts) but to it is also a hybrid. program that includes many hours of study and movie review, weekly phone calls with world-renowned author and IS family therapist, Cloe Madanes and Mark Peysha, who leads the hands-on aspects of the program, and coach support.

Great disclaimer here:

1 – While I know very well someone who is participating in the program right now and is getting great value and life-changing benefits, I am NOT currently enrolled in the program.

2 – However, I HAVE purchased and watched many of the DVDs and movies that come with this show (live performances with Tony Robbins and narrated by Chloe Madanes that are transformative and fascinating to watch, EVEN if it bores you to quickly see things of the style of personal development) and I have participated in much of the teleclasses and pre-enrollment calls, and I am very impressed.

3- Having a long personal experience in the study of Zen and Big Mind Meditation, along with voice dialogue and indirect negotiation therapy (a centerpiece of the magic behind many of Robbins’ incredible interventions), I can honestly say that this is one of the best materials. for people who want to radically improve their lives in record time … while enjoying a flood of “A-HA” moments.

If you are a coach or consultant, and you are intimately involved in the human change movement … and you really want to facilitate big breakthroughs for your clients, this is the kind of thing that is SO far from the typical cookie cutter stuff that are out there, which on this basis alone, is incredibly enlightening.

More importantly, however, for me at least, this training inspires ALL of us that change is possible at any age, and that it is not necessary to be stuck in any limiting pattern or set of beliefs … for ONE moment. more of you want.

That in itself is an amazing and enlightening idea, and seeing these interventions live, with real people in a real-world setting, inspires ALL of us to know that our best days MAY be ahead of us, regardless of how much pain we may. feel. , Or how many problems we face today!

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