How to coordinate your hairstyle with your formal dress

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. You’ve taken the time to find the perfect dress for the next special occasion. Complete your look with a great hairstyle that complements your evening dress! What is the type of event you will be attending? A wedding, a prom, a work cocktail or a formal dinner? The basic formula is to combine your hair with the formality of the dress and with the occasion in which you wear it. Let’s discuss how to find that balance along with cost-cutting beauty tips.

There is no need to be embarrassed if you are asked to be at a wedding. Today’s brides are very fashion and budget conscious when choosing bridesmaid dresses. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a cheap dress with amazing style! In general, the type of dress chosen depends on how formal the wedding will be. For example, traditional brides might choose an A-line ball gown or an evening gown with a small train at the back. With such formal dresses, chances are you want a formal hairstyle for your bridal party. To keep the focus on the dresses, less is definitely more for the hair. A simple and elegant French roll with side curls is a popular choice. Do not be afraid of a “boring” hairstyle! A busy style with lots of details could take away from a polished and uniform look. Complement it to animate it if necessary. Sprigs of baby’s breath or a rhinestone comb give it that “something extra” without overpowering the hairstyle. A modern bride will probably consider a French roll commonplace. She would pair a sultry bundle of side-swept cascading curls with the contemporary flair of a halter-neck sheath evening gown. Allowing her bridesmaids to look so fancy can make the bride fight for the spotlight!

Coworkers are like a second family when you count the time you spend with them. It’s fun to socialize with each other in a stress-free environment during company functions! Select your attraction according to the type of function. Is it a semi-formal banquet at the end of the quarter to celebrate an increase in sales? Is it the annual holiday party that is a black tie event? For the banquet you have chosen an elegant cocktail dress. It’s long like a tea, a little flirtatious, but appropriate for mixing with people at work. A relaxed half turn will complete the dress! By pinning down just the front half of your hair, you get the glam of a full hairstyle without the stuffiness! For the Christmas party, choose a traditional ball gown. Considering the classic style of the dress, a classic bow placed at the nape of the neck is a sophisticated combination. A bun is simple and versatile. Gather your hair at the crown to sit high on your head. Try a side part, a middle part, or no part at all! Adding decorative pins and brooches to match your dress shows creative flair. Pulling your hair back too much makes this look severe. Smooth by pulling thin strands of hair down at random around your face and curling them with a small curling iron.

The prom. *sigh* It’s not just a high school milestone, it’s THE high school milestone! It takes a lot of planning along with a lot of money. Young girls who are savvy shoppers can find places that offer affordable dresses, even if you need a plus size! A ball gown is a great option for prom, but it’s not the only option. You are young, so you want to show off your hair in a fresh and youthful way. How about a new spin on some old, faithful hair? The French braid can be adapted to suit today’s fashionable young ladies. By pulling down random strands of hair and using a flat iron on them, you’ve instantly updated this look! For the funky divas out there, adding glitter to match your dress with those random strands gives a unique finish! Ladies with long hair, focus on the top of your dress. Do you have intricate details that your hair would cover up? Put your hair up to show it off!

Ladies with short hair have not been forgotten! Simply adding a shiny headband can be a quick fix. A fluff of your bangs and slick the sides with gel gives you instant chic. Attach some decorative clips to the crown of the head, lifting the front and sides. Then texture the back with styling wax for an edgy look. Cut out photos from magazines, catalogs, and newspapers.

for hairstyles that grab your attention and keep in a notebook. It will come in handy as a reference when trying out styles on your own or in the salon. If you’re having trouble styling, ask an experienced hair friend for help! It is an inexpensive alternative to the salon. Have a happy hair affair!

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