Gay Dating: How to Write a Fantastic and Enticing Gay Personal Ad

The first step is to join a singles gay dating site. There are two excellent free ones if you don’t want to spend money. Once you become a member of one or two gay dating sites, it’s time to create your profile.

First of all, you need to think of your gay personals as a business. The reason I say that is that you are competing with the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other gay personals in your local area. Making yourself attractive on your own profile is important and challenging. You want to make sure you attract the guys you’re interested in, but at the same time you want to make sure you repel the ones you’re not.

So many singles profiles say something very generic like ‘single gay guy looking for another gay guy’. Yes, that will work, it will get you tall dark haired gay single men, it will get you short bald single guys, and everything in between. Hopefully you’ll be a little more selective than that.

  1. know what you want – The first and most important tip is to know exactly what you are looking for. Imagine there is a magical gay genie standing in front of you and he will grant your relationship wish. You have to describe to him exactly who he is that you are looking for. The more specific you can be, the better. If he has a hard time with this, think about what he definitely doesn’t want.
  2. memorable screen name – this is pretty much the first thing another gay single on a dating site will see about you is your screen name. Make your screen name a combination of three or more words that you think would best describe you in three words. I know it may seem very difficult, but do the best you can. Also, to make your screen name easier to read and stand out more, capitalize the first letter of each of those three words. So for example BodyBuildingHunk or HikingOutdoorGuy
  3. Profile pictures – A big mistake many single gay guys make when uploading photos to their profile is uploading nude or semi-nude photos of themselves. Is this really the first impression you want to make? Unless you’re just looking for a one night stand, this makes men interested in you for all the wrong reasons. You will not find the right man with this type of image on your profile. The best images show your face clearly doing an activity that you are passionate about. If you like hiking and have a good image of yourself climbing the face of the mountain. When it comes to your screen name personals, the next thing they see is your image. When it comes to your dating profile, a picture is worth a million words.
  4. Profile Header – This is another one of the first things other gay singles will see. Many times people will just scan a headline and decide to move on or read your profile based on that. Think of your title as an extension of your screen name, except instead of having to describe who you are in three words, you now have 10-15 words to do it. Try to use a title that generates a lot of curiosity and compels the reader to click on your ad to read more about you.
  5. ad text – if you’ve gotten someone so far away from reading your ad text, you’ve done well so far. A big mistake many people make here is describing physical attributes about themselves that are already listed in the profile details section, things like height, weight, eye color, hair color. Don’t waste your text ad on this. Use your text ad to tell a story. That story should reveal who you are as a person, what’s important to you, and dig deeper into your hobbies and interests. If you’re having a bit of trouble with this section, it’s a good idea to look at the profiles of other gay men and take note when one catches your eye. Find out why that personal ad caught your eye and use that formula in your own gay dating profile.

Use these gay dating tips to create your winning profile and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them. Leave your questions in the form of a comment. And if you like this article, please use the social buttons on this page to bookmark and share it.

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