Five things you might not know about 49ers Steve Young and all his TD passes

Steve Young was a great quarterback in the National Football League, although he had to show a bit of patience to make it happen. He came out of college and first played in the United States Soccer League in the 1980s. His first NFL team was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and after two seasons he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. . It was the 49ers where he would shine, but at first he had to start as the backup quarterback to the legendary Joe Montana.

Steve Young finally put together a Hall of Fame career. Here are five things you may not know about Steve Young and the touchdown passes he threw.

#1 – He loved Atlanta

Throughout his career, Steve Young has never thrown as many touchdowns against a team as he has thrown against the Atlanta Falcons. He finished his career with 232 touchdown passes and 37 of them, or just under 16 percent, were thrown against the Atlanta Falcons.

#2: Maybe he liked fucking Jerry Rice too much

It shouldn’t surprise any football fan that Steve Young’s favorite catcher was Jerry Rice. No player caught more touchdown passes thrown by Young than Rice. Together they teamed up for 85 touchdowns. The player who ranks second on that list, with Young’s staggering 61 touchdown receptions trailing Rice, is Terrell Owens with 24.

#3: He Was Kind of a Second Trimester Guy

Throughout his career, Steve Young threw more touchdown passes in the second quarter than in any other quarter of a game. He threw 58 TD passes in the first quarter, 44 in the third quarter and 49 in the fourth quarter. In the second quarter, however, he threw a staggering 81 touchdown passes.

#4 – Welcome to San Francisco by Jerry Rice

Steve Young’s first year playing with the 49ers was in 1987 and came after a trade that brought him from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He only played in a few games that season, but ended up throwing ten touchdown passes, eight of them to Jerry Rice.

#5 – The first and the last

The first touchdown pass Steve Young threw in the NFL came during his days in Tampa Bay. He came in the third quarter of a 26-7 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He went for seven yards and was caught by Calvin Magee. The last regular-season touchdown pass of his NFL career came in the first quarter of a 24-10 win over the Arizona Cardinals. It went for 13 yards and was properly caught by Jerry Rice. The last real touchdown he threw came later in that year’s playoffs in a 20-18 loss to the Falcons. He went for 17 yards and was caught again by Jerry Rice.

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