5 Ways to Make Christmas More Meaningful for Kids

When most children hear the word “Christmas”, the first thing that comes to mind is presents. Sure, one of the most exciting things about the holidays is giving and receiving gifts, but that’s not all. It’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, which is why as parents it’s our job to teach our children about its true importance.

Here are some ways to make Christmas more meaningful for children:

Involve children in Christmas shopping

It is important for children to know that giving is just as important as receiving.

That’s why getting them involved in Christmas gift shopping is a great idea! This will help divert attention away from them and instead you will learn the value of giving and making another person happy, especially those who are important in your life.

Plus, kids love to be a part of something. They can suggest great gift ideas for the whole family and can even help with gift wrapping!

Teach them the importance of giving back

Speaking of giving, the holidays are the perfect time for little ones to learn about the art of giving back. As a family, get involved with a local fundraiser or charity, or simply donate unwanted items to the less fortunate.

This allows the children to see the struggles of others and that they can make a big difference in their own way, thus igniting the Christmas spirit within them.

Go ahead and make handmade gifts.

Another important thing that the little ones should learn is “it’s the thought that counts.” They don’t need to give or receive expensive gifts to be meaningful. To teach this, encourage them to make handmade gifts for friends and family. It could be a simple card, drawing, or DIY project that is more personal and meaningful than any expensive store-bought gift.

Focus on other fun vacation activities

Children need to learn that Christmas is very special and that there is much more to look forward to than just presents. Sit your kids down and talk about what other things they love about the holidays. Let them know yours, too – whether it’s enjoying your favorite hot beverage by the fireplace, baking cookies, playing in the snow, or watching festive movies, there are plenty of other fun things to do at Christmas!

Start a fun new family tradition

One way to make the holiday season more meaningful to children is to have unique traditions for your family. Talk to them about starting a new one, one that they’re excited about each year, but also realistic. It could be as simple as driving as a family admiring the Christmas lights and decorations in the neighborhood or posing for a photo around the Christmas tree in matching pajamas.

You could also do a “good deeds day” where one has to do a good deed for family, relatives, or friends.

Show kids the true meaning of the holidays – follow these easy ways to make Christmas more meaningful to kids!

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