What to do to get him to marry me: ways to show that you could be his perfect spouse!

You’ve been dating him for quite some time and you can’t wait for him to propose, but it seems like he’s taking his time doing it. This can be very frustrating and disappointing. However, these tips will help make him aware of the fact that you could be his soul mate. Follow them and she’ll want to marry you in an instant!

Let him know your feelings

If you have been dating him for some time, there is no reason why you should be silent about your feelings. Let him know how much you love him and show him that you are willing to make a future with him. Let him see how much you care and are willing to work to have a wonderful relationship with him. This will prompt you to propose.

Don’t put “marriage” down her throat

If you constantly and consistently talk about marriage and the future, he will feel like you are pushing him toward something he is not ready for yet. Wait and let him show signs that he’s really getting serious with you before you start broaching the subject with him.

Make it addicted to your body

Drive him crazy with desire for your body. The more addicted your body becomes, the more you have control over it. Once you are sure that he cannot be without you, let him know that you have marriage and nothing less in mind. This is when you will be forced to make a decision about the future.

Let him see that there could never be another you

Be unique and stand out from the crowd. This will make him proud of the fact that you belong to him. The more he realizes that everyone admires you, the more he wants you to be his and his alone. The fact that there are so many other guys waiting for your attention will make him want to commit to you and insure you for him.

Drop the pressure

Be relaxed and casual when it comes to marriage. The more you try to pressure him into marrying you, the more stubborn he is likely to become. That is why, in fact, you should try to calm down and put a little distance between you so that he is afraid of losing you and starts thinking of ways to keep you forever by his side.

Get on the right side of his family

If you are really smart, you will earn the love and approval of his mother and her family members. Let them pressure him to marry you. Become the ideal woman and get praised to the heavens! When he sees how much they have started to accept and love you, he will propose!

Be honest and frank about your views on marriage.

There is no point being reserved and having hidden agendas when it comes to your life. If you want him to marry you, you must let him know what you expect of him at some point in your relationship. Once you do, give her some time to make up her mind about you. This will make him seriously think about marrying you.

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