The truth about the Amazon affiliate program

There are tons of affiliate programs on the internet and one of the most popular is the Amazon affiliate program. However, many people are very reluctant to promote Amazon products because the commission payment is a small percentage.

However, on the other hand, there are actually many people who make a full-time income just by promoting Amazon products.

So what are the advantages of being an Amazon affiliate? Can you make a lot of money with Amazon?

Amazon products are perfect for promoting because they sell themselves. Most of their products are highly sought after and many of the customers have already decided to buy the product, they just need you to ship them there!

But what about the low commission rate?

Yes, Amazon has a low commission rate, but it goes up a bit as the number of sales you make increases. Ultimately, if you can promote more expensive products, you will most likely earn higher commissions.

But here’s the thing… Even if you’re promoting lower priced products, you can still sell higher priced products.

For example, I have a website created that promotes a diet book through Amazon. That simple book sells for around $10 and only gives me about 60 cents commission per sale. So why would you sell a product with such a low commission?

The first sale I made from this website was for one of those Kindle products. Although I am promoting a diet book on my website, someone came to Amazon through my affiliate link but did not purchase the book; instead, they bought this Kindle product, which gave me a much higher commission.

Quite often, when someone visits Amazon’s website through your affiliate link, while they’re on the site they may remember something else they had in mind to buy. Not only do you earn commission on that particular product you are promoting, but you get paid commission on anything the customer searches for and buys on Amazon.

There is a wide variety of products to promote.

There are literally thousands of products on Amazon that you can select to promote. Most of these products have very little competition, so it’s easier to rank well in search engines for a product that doesn’t have many affiliates promoting it.

Also, because the products include descriptions, it’s actually very easy for you to write about them, you can even reference the reviews to help you in creating your content.

Amazon has high conversions

The conversion rate of Amazon products is quite high compared to many other affiliate programs. A high conversion rate results in great commissions.

Sure, not all products generate high commissions, but many Amazon products do. Selecting the right products to sell is one factor that will determine your success rate, but if you choose the right products, you can earn a good income with the Amazon affiliate program.

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