The 7 Biggest Misbeliefs People Have About Starting an Online Business

It could be advice you’ve given yourself or more than likely it was given to you by family, friends, and teachers who have your best interests at heart.

The fact is that this conventional wisdom and advice is often a combination of half-truths, myths, and just plain lies about what it takes to build an online business. On top of that, the people giving you this advice have probably never been successful.

Before you mope around and bang on your keyboard, you need to get the positives out of this. Because there is so much terrible information and hype posted everywhere, building a business keeps real competition down.

It means more money in your bank account if you ignore it…

So you need to learn to ignore bad advice and stop making excuses for yourself! And in this post I want to clear your head of any false beliefs you have so that you can go ahead and make money online.

False Belief #1: “I’m too old/I’m too young”

People who want to buy products online don’t care about your age; They only care about what you can offer them. It sounds a bit selfish but it works in your favor.

As long as you’re genuine and offer real value to the customer, it’s all about if you have what you want, you’ll buy it.

False Belief No.2 – “I’m not good with computers”

Can you move a mouse and turn on a computer? Can you read plain text and follow simple steps? Good, because that’s all the technical knowledge you’re going to need.

As long as you have the ability to learn some easy skills step by step, you can create an online business.

In the eighties, when computers were huge and only read plain text, you had to know how to program to do anything with a computer. Luckily for us, these days you don’t need programming knowledge to get a perfect website up and running using the power of outsourcing, which I’ll talk about in a separate blog post.

False Belief No.3 – “I don’t have enough time”

This is simply wrong, this is the exact excuse most people use to put off important tasks.

I understand that some people love the structure of a job where they show up every day and do what the boss tells them to do until they go home. They are happy to exchange their precious time for money.

However, if you are an entrepreneur, you can do things on your own without having a boss tell you what to do. Are you an entrepreneur? I hope so.

The real trick here is to always know what your next step will be and make sure you take small steps to complete that step on a regular basis.

False Belief No.4 – “I don’t have enough money”

Wait, don’t have enough money to buy a domain name for $10 a year and $5 a month to host your website? I bet you are, and if your finances are really that tight, why not go out for dinner one night a month?

People are under the belief that it costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get up and running with a fully featured, attractive website, and that is simply not the case.

You can outsource this entire process for a very low price.

Another useful little secret that most people don’t even think about is taking advantage of other people’s time, equipment, and expertise.

If you want to record a video but you don’t have a camera. Don’t go out and buy a new one, ask around and chances are someone has a camera that they’d be happy to lend you for a day or too.

False Belief No. 5 – “I’m not educated enough”

This should be a concern for this, that is, if you are applying to college or law school. You’ll need some impressive grades and don’t forget all those extracurricular activities.

Wait, aren’t you going to apply to law school? Do you just want to create an online business and make money online? So why should your education, or lack of education, hold you back?

This is exactly the same principle as in False Belief No.1. People who shop on the web don’t care about your background, as long as you offer them value and solve their problem.

False Belief No.6 – “There is too much competition”

Your main goal is to make money, not to become a pioneer.

Think about it, it’s good to get into an established market because you know there is already a high demand for your product. And here’s the great news: most of your online competitors are terrible marketers!

Become an internet marketing master and you can make money in any online marketplace, no matter how much competition there is.

False Belief No.7 – “It’s a bad economy”

It is true that every day the newspapers, Internet and television are full of negative stories about the economy. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep making money…

Let’s say, for example, that there is 10% unemployment (very high) and another 5% have stopped searching completely. That still leaves 85% employment and those people are still buyers.

Granted, some online marketplaces may suffer more than others, but if you offer a high-quality product in a high-demand marketplace, you’ll still make money, hundreds of internet marketers around the world have proven.

From now on, you cannot use any of the 7 points above as an excuse for not starting your online business. The biggest obstacle you have to face in the beginning is yourself!

Bookmark this page and if you ever feel like you are starting to make excuses, come back here and convince yourself that you CAN make money online. I know you can.

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