PS3 VS XBOX 360 – Why the PS3 comes out on top

As you no doubt know, there are 3 main competitors this year, PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

Let’s leave Wii out of this for now (it’s not pretty in direct competition with Xbox and PS3 as it offers an innovative ‘phenomenon’ for families rather than a hardcore ‘Hi Res’ gaming console), so if you accept my premise, we are left with a direct shootout between the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

With so much fuss around both consoles, it can be a bit confusing knowing which console to buy. They both provide an excellent platform for gaming, in fact when you look at the graphics comparisons there is very little to choose between the two, but when you look a little deeper that’s when the PS3 comes out in the lead in my opinion.

Both have recently received price cuts (Xbox) or mods (PS3 memory upgrade), the Xbox 360 has a new board ready to launch, while PS3 has its Home service up and running, so why? choose the PS3?

Call me old-fashioned, but the horrible appendage that is the Xbox 360’s power brick is still a real blackout, it looks like the device the Ghostbusters use to store trapped appearances, I understand that it was necessary to make the Xbox console look a lot. more attractive (which it does), but still an unsightly hunk of hardware. Okay, that’s a purely aesthetic reason, so let’s move on to more pressing issues, and Blu Ray is one of the most important.

Not only is Blu-Ray shaping up to be the future of home movie entertainment, but the discs themselves can store an incredible amount of information, giving game developers enough scope to Really push the boat out. Xbox support of HD DVD and not Blu Ray has turned out to be a big mistake and either way you have to buy an external hard drive to play the discs. Some reports claim that Toshiba, the main sponsor of HD DVD, is no longer producing the drives. UPS.

Current rumors suggest that a future Xbox will either have a Blu Ray drive or the ability to connect to an external Blu Ray player, but again, just like when they tried to order those Red Rings of Death, it’s too little, too late. , the PS3. it’s already there and the Xbox is just catching up.

Did anyone mention the red rings? So far, the PS3 has not received any important hardware issues, the same cannot be said for the Xbox 360, the dreaded three rings of death follow this console like a digital Ebola virus, I am fully aware of the Falcon chipset and that Microsoft offers a good repair service that It’s fast and efficient, but no amount of customer support or three-year warranty is going to alter the perception that the Xbox 360 is a less-than-reliable piece of hardware. It doesn’t even matter if it’s true or not, it’s “out there” and, like most things, myth always trumps truth.

You may think this is all a bunch of pro PS3 verbiage, if that’s the case, take a look at YouTube, it’s yet Receiving a significant amount of videos, whether offering practical home repair advice or poking fun at the three console lights, not all of them can be planted by Sony (right?). Whatever the truth is, it just doesn’t look good.

Another feature that falls into the category “Why don’t we think about that?” It’s the little PlayStation Network detail that costs nothing to use, it gives the PS3 user a host of downloadable content and online features for nothing, while the popular Xbox Live service yet It costs you an annual subscription, if Microsoft just took the bullet and made this service free, it would surely greatly affect the popularity of the PS3. Come on no one expects to pay anything in the digital age throw us a bone Microsoft!

Finally, there is the price cut itself, and while it may be unfair to criticize the Xbox for presenting us with a very capable console for little money, I still can’t help but think that there is something a bit desperate about lowering the price and other than that, too. it’s a red herring.

The Xbox 360 Arcade is the console that has the blockbuster price of $ 199.99 / £ 150.00 BUT when you have paid for all the add-ons that allow the console to be taken seriously (hard drive, Xbox Live subscription, etc.) no it is. pretty the deal a first time buyer may feel they are getting.

That said, Microsoft has enjoyed a massive increase in sales since the price cut, so what do I know? The Blu Ray bug, the three rings fiasco, the online service you have to pay for … it’s all money in the bank. for Sony and issues that Microsoft must address once and for all.

As Christmas approaches we can all sit back and let the battle begin, competition of this nature is good from a consumer point of view and despite everything, I think Xbox 360 price cuts may produce some credit crunch related results for Microsoft, but for me, if I have the money to be a PS3 … at least for this Christmas.

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