Princess Diana, a dream and the dynasty of King David

Your Royal Highness,

Wale’s princess,

Princess Diana,

Buckingham palace,

London England


June 6, 1987

Dear Princess Diana,

This letter was prompted by a number of People magazine.

Actually, that particular article was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Some years ago I had an amazing dream. During the dream, you, Prince Charles and I were deep in conversation. We were sitting, albeit quite relaxed, comfortable with each other (as if we had known each other for years as good friends), on an enclosed patio or spring porch, a garden setting. I remember that you did most of the talking, pouring out your heart to me, while Prince Charles listened in silence. Maybe it’s because we’re closer in age. I am 27 years old. As I began to wake up from the dream, I was annoyed at how foolish it was to imagine that the royalty of Wales trusted me. I knelt down for morning prayer and asked God to rebuke such presumptuous thoughts, but I asked if there was any meaning to the dream that a chart I had (“The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race”) which I had borrowed months earlier it was returned to me at the services on Saturday. that day.

Look, the chart was returned that day! Quite convenient, since when I got home I had received a note in the mail from our local newspaper. He had sent them a question about whether the current British royal family was aware of his unique Davidic ancestry: the remarkable continuation of King David’s dynasty. I felt that my question could be answered and at the same time intelligently bring this true fact to greater public attention if published. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred! The newspaper reported: “If you send us a copy of the information on King David and his relationship with the English royal family, plus verification that the information has been validated and by whom, we will see to it that it reaches Buckingham Palace.” “. and that your name will go with it.” I immediately wondered what to send to satisfy the newspaper. The graphic seemed obvious, but I still sought advice from my minister. He advised writing to a Church official at our headquarters in Pasadena, California, who speaks English and is involved with our media coordinator. The Church official responded, “I think the most prudent course of action would be to send the ‘The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race’ painting to the newspaper for further action.”

I sent the information to the newspaper and they sent it to Buckingham Palace. They also warned me not to hold my breath for any response, which was good since I haven’t heard a word yet.

Several years later, during my volunteer service at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan in northern Israel, a Holocaust survivor (whom I adopted as my “kibbutz mother”) mentioned hearing of some royal marital problems. I dismissed it as gossip from some tabloid trash, but immediately remembered the dream where you were opening your heart to me about something. So I thought maybe there was something to all these ungodly rumors, but all marriages have their ups and downs.

Since then, I have heard too many real rumors and sovereign stories about differences in their marriage. The last People The article prompted me to write to you and sincerely offer my continued support for you and your lovely family. My heart goes out to all of you with deep affection.

love and prayers,

David A Hoover

Perrysburg, Ohio


On official Buckingham Palace stationery:

From Maid of Honor to Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales

June 12, 1987

Dear Mr. Hoover,

The Princess of Wales has asked me to thank you for your letter.

His Royal Highness was very grateful to you for your kind thought in writing and has asked me to send you his sincere thanks and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

sara campden


Note: David A. Hoover is my former name. I have since legally changed it to David Ben-Ariel, as related in “Names Given by God”.

The Zip Line memorandum (The Blade) was received on November 7, 1981.

My letter to Robert Fahey of the Worldwide Church of God in Pasadena, California, was sent on November 8, 1981.

World Church of God Media Coordinator David Hulme responded in an official letter dated December 7, 1981 with advice on sending the painting “The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race” and comment — “Thank you for writing, in what is a very interesting and unusual circumstance.

As directed, I sent the painting “The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race” to the Zip Line on December 12, 1981. (The painting had been given to me by an English couple in Jerusalem the year before during our Feast of Tabernacles celebration ).

************************************************** *

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