Patio Shade: Inexpensive Ways to Shade Your Patio or Deck

Here’s a helpful guide to inexpensive shade solutions for your patio or deck, from reasonable canopies, shade ideas, imaginative ways to create shade, and using plants and natural resources for shade. Keep your patio cooler, block out those harmful rays, and enjoy it all day!


There is a huge selection of cheaper deck and patio shade options available, canopies, tents, gazebos and shades are available at home centers and online stores. Portable shade canopies or gazebos are an extremely inexpensive idea, prices will start at around $100 and go up to $1000. They are actually tents with 4 poles holding you up. They take no time to install, can be moved easily and are completely waterproof. There are thousands of styles available these days, so it’s easy to find a style that suits your taste. In winter, these portable awnings can be packed up and stowed away very quickly.


One way to make your yard look as natural as possible is to use large plants or trees for shade. Large pots with trees and large plants will look very modern and bring a bit of nature to your patio or terrace. Evergreen will be best as it will provide shade throughout the year. You can place the pots and trees around the sides of your patio or deck, which will act as a screen from the sun.

Be sure to select your foliage carefully, as you’ll want something that’s dense to provide maximum shade on those hot days. Ask about your options when purchasing. As a general guide, maple trees are a very good choice, as they grow very fast and have thick leaves that provide excellent shade. Other options may have thick foliage, but will take many years to reach a good height to provide shade, so keep that in mind when buying.


A great way to provide inexpensive shade is to build your own shade structure. If you know anything about general DIY, this might be the option for you, as you’ll save a lot of cash over buying manufactured options.

Build a basic wooden frame over your patio or deck and cover it with awning or canopy fabric. This is a popular option for people hoping to save a few bucks. You can design the structure and choose the material so that it blends naturally with your patio and garden design.

For partial shade, build a pergola and train vines to grow over it. A beautiful and natural way to provide shade in your garden that will encourage wildlife. If you grow the vines on a trellis, they will provide morning and evening shade from the sides. Try growing honeysuckle to add a wonderful smell to your patio or deck. Vines grow very fast and if cared for properly will cover a pergola in just a few years.

Creating shade on your patio or terrace does not have to be expensive, let your imagination run wild, be creative with your ideas and enjoy your time sitting in your own shade.

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