Minnesota Vikings Vs New Orleans Saints – Can the Vikings win Superbowl 44?

With Super Bowl XLIV or just putting 44 back to use in South Florida just a few days to go, it’s never been too early to start pondering all the likely matchups, with all their interesting stories. Taking into account the scope of the entire 12-team playoff field, in any case while it lasts, here is a simple sample prediction of the top 10 expected pairings. First is Jets vs. Packers, these are the two former Brett Favre who will meet in the Super Bowl, but he’s not there. The second is Chargers vs. Saints, The Drew Brees Bowl, will be a battle of the Brees against Philip Rivers, the quarterback who replaced him in San Diego, would be the main story of the game.

Third are the Colts vs. Vikings, will this be an exhibition showdown? It will be Peyton Manning against Brett Favre. This can be a journalistic element for writing a real article. The fourth is Chargers vs. Cowboys, Wade Phillips was chosen by Jerry Jones in early 2007 as their head coach and the other option would have been Norv Turner for the job. Both Phillips and Turner have cached three different NFL teams, but they have never won in a Super Bowl. This will be a Bowl of Vindication. Firth is Saints vs. Colts, it’s all Manning by himself in the Super Bowl, especially with Peyton playing Archie, his father’s former team. Sixth Jets vs. Vikings, Favre will face the team that made that 2008 cameo. Most likely by now Jets fans have forgiven him for collapsing at the end of the season and in the process they fired New York’s head coach. .

Seventh Jets vs. Vikings, it will be very interesting to see Rex Ryan, the head coach of New York, seeking revenge against the team that fired Buddy Ryan, his father, after failing to win three consecutive trips to the playoffs from 1988 to 1990. Eight is Saints vs. Patriots, the Saints were defeated in Week 12 and surely the Patriots would love to try again and stop the team that beat them at the Superdome. NIneth is Ravens vs. Eagles, a great meeting between the coaches, the mentor and the protégé. It will be coach Andy Reid against John Harbaugh, his former assistant with the Eagles. The last one is Colts vs. Cowboys, this will be a remake of the Blooper Bowl, Super Bowl V to be forgotten, this is a couple that makes the list of the worst played Super Bowls is at the top. Now you can choose the Super Bowl 44 matchups.

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