Male Fat Loss vs. female – Who has it easier?

Top 5 Reasons It’s Hard For Women And Men To Burn Body Fat

Both men and women have a hard time losing body fat, but for different reasons.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s hard for men and women to lose body fat, and provides the 3 proven diet and exercise techniques to lose the most fat possible in just 12 weeks.

Men and women struggle with fat loss for different reasons, but does one gender find it easier to lose weight?

Here are 5 reasons why men and women struggle with weight and the 3 essential techniques everyone should follow to burn fat and speed up their metabolism.

#1) The number one reason men and women have a hard time losing weight is due to poor nutrition.

Advantage: Women

Most women are better educated about food choices, but men continue to eat like they’re still playing college football. As a result, men will find it more difficult to lose weight because no matter how much they exercise, they will still consume too many calories. You can’t “train more than a bad diet.”

#2) The second reason why men and women struggle with weight loss is because their metabolism slows down over time due to loss of muscle mass and reduced activity.

Advantage: Men

Most men have more muscle mass and exercise more than women. Also, more men are strength training while women are neglecting this key element of the fat burning equation.

In fact, a recent study showed that both men and women can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time with strength training, even at age 60!

Without strength training and interval training, women will continue to burn fewer calories per day with each passing year and have a harder and harder time losing fat.

#3) Men and women will struggle with weight loss if they only rely on slow and boring cardio.

Advantage: Men

More men are doing interval training, and that’s better than slow cardio for fat loss.

In a recent study, men and women on a year-long cardio program lost only 6-8 pounds, despite exercising 6 days a week.

In another study, a group of women did not lose weight after 15 weeks of cardio (3 times per week). By contrast, a group of women in the same study who did interval training were able to lose belly fat.

#4) Men and women have a hard time losing weight without social support.

Advantage: Women

Most men try to do everything on their own, but weight loss is easier with social support. On the other hand, most women are more willing to seek the help of friends and family when they are on a weight loss program.

Men and women can get social support from friends at work, from their family, from people at the gym, or even from an online fat loss forum.

#5) Men and women struggle with weight loss due to poor exercise choices.

Advantage: draw.

Most guys and girls just show up at the gym without a plan, or just go for a run and do some crunches. But without a professional plan, both men and women will not lose weight, they will only waste time.

To lose the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time, both men and women should follow a program that contains the following three essential elements…

A) A low calorie diet of whole and natural foods.

No one needs an extreme eating plan. Just focus on eating 10-20% fewer calories than you need, concentrating on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and sources of protein and healthy fats. Stay away from anything in a bag or box.

B) Resistance Training (Strength Training)

Resistance training, using dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, or barbells help men and women burn fat and build muscle.

C) Interval Training

Short bursts of exercise, like those in interval training, work better than slow, boring cardio, and get results in half the time.

In a recent transformation contest, both men and women using a resistance training and interval training fat loss program were able to lose up to 33 pounds of fat in just 12 weeks.

The Transformation Contest winner was a woman, while second place went to a man who lost 33 pounds in just 12 weeks; This shows that both men and women can burn belly fat with resistance training and interval training to lose fat.

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