Learn about the characteristics of different body jewelry materials

In the recent past, body piercing has emerged as one of the top trends among fashion hunters across the globe. According to a popular belief, “modifying body parts to wear some kind of body jewelry gives a huge confidence boost”, however, there are many who still believe that keeping your natural body is the best fashion.

Several of those who wear body jewelry claim that piercing not only increases their self-reliance, attractiveness, and attractiveness, but also increases their sex drive on an individual level.

To achieve transcendental alteration and enchantment, most people wear different types of body jewelry, made up of various and varied metals and materials, such as titanium, bioplast, gold, silver, stainless steel, bioflex, etc. Each of these materials has particular characteristics and advantages, as piercers claim. But, the best perk of opting for body modification is a sudden transmutation, carving out a whole new look. Listed below are some of the best advantages of different jewelry materials:


Stainless steel is the perfect jewelry material as it is shiny and can be molded into any desired shape. There are no side effects caused by jewelry made of steel on pierced body parts. However, some itching and redness could be observed when wearing the ornament for the first time. But, these sequels appear mainly due to the polishing, used in the piece.


Body jewelry made from titanium, a metal that has a texture similar to silver, is low in density and superior in strength. The best advantage of this material is that it is highly corrosion resistant in nature and ensures no side effects, itchiness and swelling in the areas of the body where it is worn. When buying titanium jewelry, you want to make sure that it is in pure grades 1 to 5.


Silver is often declared as the best and noblest material to adorn pierced body parts. However, this metal is perfect for any type of jewelry due to its magnificent shine, delicacy and attractiveness. The only downside to silver body jewelry is its sky-high prices, although class and charm can never be had cheaply, they cannot be overlooked. Also, the prices of silver jewelry compared to its durability and attractiveness are negligible. Some people may also be allergic to silver, due to the presence of nickel and polish.


Gold is also placed in the category of noble metals, but when considered for piercing; You should try to buy pieces that are at least 18 karat pure. Also, it is never advisable to wear polished gold jewelry, the coating of which will fade over time and can cause some discomfort and discomfort; instead, you should always go for pure gold.

When shopping for body jewelry for yourself or your loved ones, you need to consider jewelry appreciation.

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