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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from road trips and adventures, it’s that eating well outside of the normal routine can be challenging. So we’re sharing some of our favorite good-for-you take-out snacks to take with you, whether you’re campervan over summer vacation or taking a quick weekend trip out of town. And don’t let the “good for you” part deter you from exploring these recipes – they’re perfect treats for a road trip. We are sure that all your f

Keywords for this recipe: One bowl, low sugar, full of protein, delicious. A bowl full of these muffins is a must for those morning outings when hitting the road as soon as the sun comes up. What we like best is that these muffins include three protein sources (nut butter, chia seeds, and flaxseed), and you can top them with your favorite flavors like chocolate chips or dried banana chips. Kids love them, and you’ll be happy to know that everyone’s appetite will be satiated with the protein blast.

Baked potato chips

Everyone loves crispy and salty French fries, and did you know that if you eat French fries while on the road, calories don’t count? OK, not true. But you really don’t have to worry about it anyway with this healthy baked version. We recommend that you use a mandoline slicer with this recipe; it will make the process much easier. And it’s worth it, too, because once you try them out, you won’t miss out on the kind you would normally pick up at a pit stop.

OK, you got us. This recipe is not exactly “good for you” … but it is so good! So we had to include it. (And you have to live a little). Personally, if I don’t carry homemade rice krispie treats when traveling with my family, I’ll have some disgruntled campers on my hand. Its a classic! Not to mention, they are very easy to make, since they don’t bake. Take them out when the rear seat drivers start to get a little anxious and everything will be fine.
I don’t know how we can make this easier, but all you need is four (4) ingredients to make these cookies. The author of the recipe claims that we can get away with eating half a dozen and not feel too bad because they are not loaded with processed sugar, contain no wheat, and are full of good-for-you fat. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can add a few chunks of chocolate to give it that extra “yum” factor. Hmmm, that half a dozen sounds on rig

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