How Car Dealers Can Get Unlimited Free Car Sales Leads Fast

It’s not that hard to get unlimited free auto leads if you do it the right way and know what you’re doing. With hundreds of millions of car and truck searches on Google each month, you now have the ability to quickly and easily contact many prospects.

Get your information out there

You can reach thousands of potential customers every month by showing them your contact information when they’re looking for a motor vehicle to buy. This means you have to find a way to display your contact information on the pages they’re searching for, instead of your competitors’ information. When they see your name instead of theirs, they will call you or pass by and see you instead of the competition.

Due to changes in search engines in 2011, you can now dominate the local search market for new and used cars and trucks. This is because Google and others now provide search engine results based on local markets and local geographic areas. This is good for smaller local businesses. It means you now have a way to be #1 online in your market.

How to get ranked n. #1

To rank #1 on Google and every other search engine, you need to have a plan to get your name and contact information appearing in so many places that Google can’t ignore you. Every time your name appears somewhere online, it’s a vote for you to be #1, and the car dealer with the most votes will be #1. We do this through an all-inclusive internet domination program. type of website you can think of, including blogs, forums, other local websites, business directories, articles, press releases, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Once we do this, Google starts to notice and think that you have a good website and a good car dealer because it is mentioned so frequently in many different places. The number of other citations and web references needed depends on how competitive your market is.

If you are trying to be number 1 in all new and used car search terms in a big city, it will take you more time and more work than in a small city. With our domination system, we have found that we can take a car dealer to number 1, even in a big city, over time.

your window of opportunity

What’s going in your favor right now is the fact that most of your competitors don’t know about all the changes in local search rankings. This gives you a window of opportunity to be #1 now pretty quickly, at least in his own city.

We have found that with the right help from an expert, you can rise to the top of not only Google, but also all other search engines, including YouTube and other Google-owned websites. The problem is that many Internet marketing companies are still using methods that worked a year or two ago, but no longer work. Getting to #1 in your market means getting leads from many different websites, forums, directories, and blogs, not just Google.

Massive online presence

The approach that works for local Internet dominance is to have a massive online presence, and to achieve that, we invented something called The Massive Lead Machine for car sales. Not only does this put you in the top spots, but it also gives you a continuous and unlimited amount of free car leads from the internet. Massive Lead Machine manages to position your company name and contact information in thousands of internet locations so that people online looking for vehicles will always see your name and therefore call you or stop for a test drive. .

Positive Online Reviews

Not only that, we have also created a system for your business to get lots of positive reviews online and lots of rave reviews on discussion websites. This creates the most valuable form of advertising: word of mouth advertising. And not only does this work better than expensive paid ads, but it’s also free once you have a massive lead machine working for you generating unlimited leads on the internet.

Dominate your market

All of this online advertising and word of mouth, along with the links, reviews, citations, and top search engine rankings, will allow you to truly dominate your local car and truck sales market.

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