Forget Love – Make Your Man Adore You Starting Tonight

Are you afraid that your man will cheat on you or maybe even leave you one day? I’m sure you’ve seen so many tips on how to keep your man that it has made your head spin. The fact is that a lot of this advice is just useless crap that is meant to fill the space. They are just common sense made up to sell magazines or get you on a website. Well, I think it’s time to tell you the dirty hidden truth about men. They are not complicated and your needs can be easily taken care of. So I’m going to give you three tips that are bound to keep your man in check and make him want and crave you every moment of the day. How would that make you feel? I guess he would calm you down. Only to know that every time he’s at work or hanging out with his friends, his mind is on you. In fact, after reading this article and implementing my advice, your man will run to you, I guarantee it. So no fluff, no junk, just the cold, hard truth.

Maybe your relationship has stood the test of time, but now you’re worried that you’re getting bored. Or you have a new relationship and you don’t want that spark to go out. Whatever the reason, you came here today looking for ways to keep your man not only interested but also addicted. Read these three tips with an open mind and watch him beg to be near you and love you all the time!

fulfill your fantasies

Every man has some kind of sexual fantasy he’s been dying to try ever since he was a teenager and got his first boner. He maybe he wants a threesome, or try bondage or just make love to you in a chocolate pudding. If you want your man to adore you, he gives in to his wishes. If nothing else, he at least listens to his sexual fantasies and considers trying them out at least once. However, if you try them, you are going to see a new man in bed! My thoughts are as long as they are legal and not dangerous, just go ahead and give them a try. Don’t hate the messenger here, but if you love your guy, you should be willing to do anything for him in bed. And by that I mean anything and everything.

You want your man to appreciate you, right? Well this is the first step to making sure he does. A man who sees her woman appealing to her sexual desires and fantasies will appreciate her. Men want their women to be submissive and they want them to engage sexually with them. If you can show your man these kinds of feelings, he will adore you. Well, maybe this is not the information he wanted, or it goes against everything he learned or heard. If you want your man to be sexually addicted to you, this is important for men.

You came here looking for the truth and this is just the hard truth. If you are sexually submissive to your man, even if that is not you, you will keep your man interested in you. Of course, you don’t always have to be in the sub role, but learn to play it often. And yes, there will be fantasies that don’t turn you on or maybe you don’t even like them. It will be up to you if you try them, my advice is to try it at least once. You are showing him that you are interested and that is only the beginning of him loving you more. You must be ready to try new things here and giving in to your desires in bed is one of them.

The first step to this is to lie down and discover your fantasies. Find out what your all-time fantasy is, what’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do. Also look for some of those hidden fantasies that might be easier to achieve. You don’t want to give her the greatest fantasy too quickly, start small and work your way up. The more fantasies you can achieve, the better and more passionate your sex will be, trust me. In no time they’ll be having the most incredible sex of their lives.

Once you’ve fulfilled at least one of his fantasies, you’ll be number one on his list. He will remember you as the woman who gave him something no other woman ever did. So you’ve surpassed all the other women in his life so far, and now you’re the “alpha” woman in his life and memory.

Change your appearance and attitude

You need to take a look at your appearance and attitude. How do you dress with your man? Are you in sweats and a t-shirt all day? Do you have your hair up in a ponytail and no makeup? Trust me, I get it, we can’t always look sexy all the time, but you have to try. If you want your relationship to work and get him sexually addicted, this is just one step. And once he sees you going the extra mile, I bet you’ll see him start to change his style too. So if you don’t have one, buy yourself revealing clothes and surprise him when he gets home from work. Or better yet, get some really sexy lingerie and wait for him at the door. Just try to make the effort to dress a little sexier for him.

Also keep in mind that sexiness has as much to do with attitude as it does appearance. So make sure you kiss, bite, and touch him whenever you can. Be open about your sexuality, don’t feel like you have to hide it. I can assure you that he will notice and you will get a reaction. A great way to make yourself feel sexy is to wear a seductive perfume or even a body lotion. There are some great ones on the market, give them a try and see which one gets the biggest reaction from your man. As a bonus, men love the silky smooth feel of a woman’s skin from the lotion. And that scent will stay with them at work and drive them crazy! So when they get home, they can’t wait to be with you.

Here’s another truth, if you think you can handle it. Do you think men really want the girl next door? Sure they do, but they also want the girl to be downright dirty and kinky in bed. So you have to find a way to play devil and angel at home. Men want to have the porn stars they watch on TV in bed with them. So become a porn star and watch what he does to your man.

Are you beginning to think that men are more superficial than you might have imagined? Well, it’s going to get worse, have you heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? The stomach is just the rest area, if you want to get to the heart you need to go through the penis. Sorry ladies, but the penis is even the powerhouse of the male body. If the penis is happy, all the other parts of the body are happy. So take that data and use it to your advantage to the best of your ability.

giving the best oral sex

When was the last time you really cared about how good your oral sex was with your man? Have you ever asked him how good he was or even given him oral sex? Many women don’t care how well they perform or if they give. All men love oral sex and there are many who prefer it to regular sexual intercourse. So if you can give a man amazing oral sensation, you’ve got it in your back pocket, so to speak. So he shows more interest in giving him the best oral sex and he will appreciate you over the other woman who just didn’t care about him one way or another.

You want your man to be addicted to you, right? Well using oral is the number one way to get there and stay there. You will see that oral sex is an art full of many techniques. If you learn just a handful, you can keep your man satisfied and hooked on your mouth. So sit down tonight and look at some different techniques and learn them. Become her porn star for the night.

I hate to say it, but many relationships and marriages have failed just because of bad or no oral sex. Something so simple it could have changed a relationship so check it out.

Now let me give you one last bit of advice, if you will. When you’re with his man tonight and strip him naked, look at his penis like he’s the first and biggest you’ve ever seen. Handle it very carefully and be too surprised by it. I know he sounds crazy and you might feel a bit silly doing it, but men love it. You want your penises to be admired, don’t you believe me? Why do you think so many men post pictures of that part online? They want the admiration of women and to some extent of men. Anyway, give it a try and I can almost guarantee he’ll have the hardest boner you’ve ever seen.

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