\”For Greater Success, Women Must Be Better Negotiators” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

People who negotiate better than others tend to have higher success in the life. That is true up to a point. Because, if a man and a woman have the same skills as a negotiator, in general, women tends to get the shortest result. Therefore, women need to be even better. negotiators.

…I asked him what challenges he has when negotiating. She said, “none, I never have anything to negotiate.” Then I inquired saying, never? She replied, “I brought my brother once to help me negotiate my car purchase. I thought the dealer would take advantage of a single woman. But my brother was no good. He just said yes to everything the dealer said. He didn’t know anything about negotiations. He might as well be alone.”

Negotiation Awareness:

Most people don’t realize it when they are negotiating. Negotiation occurs when trying to achieve a result. Every time you try to get someone to adopt your beliefs, you are negotiating. Some consider that it influences. But really, it’s a negotiation.

As you probably know, my motto is: “You are always negotiating.” That means that even when you’re involved in the influence process, chances are you’ve had previous interactions that shape how you approach someone. Those previous interactions were negotiations. You traded in the give and take process that is influencing how you currently interact with someone who is like-minded or appearing.

It is important for women to remember that when they are negotiating. If they have a chain mentality, they will be less efficient when negotiating. Instead, women should look at the situation and think, I am free to be who I am. My past is not my present. And I won’t let old thoughts that hindered my progress stop me. I will become stronger and move more boldly into my future. Then learn more about how to become a better negotiator.

Know your assets:

There were several factors about the negotiations that the lady I was speaking with did not acknowledge.

  • She did not acknowledge that she is continually negotiating. That means being aware of where an action will lead and how it will affect the next step. Planning her steps will give you an idea of ​​what she will need as she involves them.

  • Since he thought he never traded, there were no contingency plans for situations he might face. Always plan how you will act and react before going into situations. Women should consider how their gender might cause others to treat them. The more the result matters, the more you must plan.

  • His brother was an asset. His presence gave her unforeseen influence. But since he didn’t know how to use it, he gave up that advantage. Sometimes having the right person with you in a negotiation adds value to your effort. As a woman, consider how you might use visible and invisible influences in your negotiations.

  • When negotiating in what could be an awkward situation, consider recruiting allies to strengthen your position. Look for those who have skills that make up for those of the other negotiator.

Know your trading counterparty:

  • Negotiators have different negotiation styles. And some have different thoughts about negotiating against women. To understand the type of negotiator you’re dealing with, understand their mindset.

  • Women have built-in advantages in most societies. And that’s his genre. In general, most men do not believe that women can negotiate effectively. A woman can turn that bad thought into a danger for a man. And that’s the hidden advantage. Women can take advantage of men’s perception by luring their male counterparts into bargaining traps. She is then able to release him before he realizes that he is trapped.

  • Some women feel relieved when negotiating with another woman. Don’t fall prey to this thought. As a woman, it can be more difficult to negotiate with some women than with some men. Some women believe that they have to be strong to be respected. And they won’t give you slack because you’re the same gender.

Simulated negotiations:

Before you get involved in what could be a difficult negotiation, practice. Do it in simulated negotiations. Everyone can benefit from them. But women can reap more enormous benefits by practicing with male counterparts who might act like the ones she will face at the negotiating table.

Never discount the value of practicing. And never neglect the importance of mock negotiations. They can simulate the reality of real life before it becomes that.


The lady I spoke to had something in common with other women about negotiations. Some don’t even realize they are negotiating, or reduce their negotiating efforts out of fear. In either case, they let themselves down. They also give up opportunities that could bring benefits to their loved ones.

The question is, as a woman, is being a better negotiator worth the effort it will take to become more successful? Others depend on you! Commit today to improving your negotiating skills… and all will be right with the world.

Remember, you are always negotiating!

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