Best practices for flat pack assembly

First of all, when choosing flat pack furniture, be very clear about what may or may not fit in your home. For example, some of Ikea’s Billy bookshelves will fit nicely in a small apartment, but the larger ones could take up most of the space in a room. So make sure you always get the correct measurements! Also keep in mind that if you move house in the near future, you may need to disassemble the furniture to remove it from your current home.

Flat-pack furniture has many benefits and is especially good for people in smaller living spaces – solutions can be ingenious, from trash cans that are neatly placed under cabinet drawers to folding chairs that can be placed. under the table when people finish eating. The great thing about flat-pack furniture is that while they tend to be very stylish and can be a clever concept, the price can be extremely inexpensive; Obviously this is due to the savings companies make by not having to build the items themselves.

However, if you feel that you are a bit daunted by the prospect of assembling the furniture yourself, or indeed you don’t have the time, then you may consider hiring a professional flat pack assembler to help you. In case you decide to go ahead and hire someone, here are some tips to help you in your decision-making process:

1) Make sure you are dealing with seasoned professionals – Some handymen can be quite good at every aspect, but when it comes to flat pack assembly you need someone who is experienced in assembling the myriad of vast products found in the market. Browse their website and don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their purchases.

2): What additional services do you provide ?: Some assemblers may quote a very low rate, but this rate may not include extras such as lifting heavy boxes or furniture upstairs or putting your furniture in place. Some assemblers may also automatically include shipping in their costs, while others do not. These extras may be worth paying a slightly higher hourly rate. Or, if these benefits are not included in your quoted hourly rate, find out how much more they will cost and then compare the assemblers to select from.

3): Look for warranties: Most flat pack assemblers will offer warranties on all their work (usually for about 12 months). Experienced assemblers would normally have an insurance policy, which means they can more easily support their work.

4): Find an assembler that charges in half an hour: ideally, an assembler would quote a fixed price before calling, to give you peace of mind regarding the cost before starting the job, however, if they decide to do it, check if they charge by half hour (or every fifteen would be even better!) because if they take a few minutes, you will not be responsible for a full hour rate.

5): Are they flexible in time ?: If you are a busy person, you will need to find an assembler who is willing and able to work on your schedule as much as possible. Depending on your situation, it may be worth paying someone a little more if you are willing to assemble and deliver your furniture overnight or over a weekend.

Keep these few tips in mind when hiring your flat pack assembly professional and you can be much more assured of great service at a price that won’t surprise you.

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