A discussion on how to fix Windows errors

An operating system was created to make world computing easier to use. Manage applications and programs in a single environment that everyone can understand. Windows is the most famous operating system in the world, which is created by Microsoft Corporation and is created to make the computer work for the user. However, other programs that generate errors and make your computer work against you sometimes damage Windows. Being the most used operating system and mostly attacked by hackers, the way to fix Windows errors is available on the Internet through Watson.

Watson was a code name given by Microsoft to its error reporting technology, which began in Windows XP. Now called Windows Error Reporting (WER), it prompts the user to submit post-error reports to Microsoft Corporation for further error verification. The report consists of information about the error and the possible cause of the error. A solution will then be formulated, either sent to the user or available on your website on how to fix the Windows part of the problem.

The problem here is that most Windows users have no idea what error codes they report. Even if Microsoft ships a fix to the reported error, not all users will be able to follow instructions on how to fix Windows errors on their computer. Ignoring these errors in Windows can lead to more serious problems.

The good news with these error codes in Windows is that a simple restart is usually the solution for most error codes. It is the first step to fix Windows errors. However, these Windows errors sometimes cannot be restarted. You need to read more about how to fix Win errors to really solve the problem.

• Registry problem is the common cause of Windows errors. Sometimes it will give you a message, “…an error was encountered while accessing the system registry”. How to fix Windows problems like this? Press the ctrl+alt+del buttons simultaneously to close the program that caused the error. Then look for user.dat, if it has zero bytes then the system made a bad copy. Delete the user.dat file and then replace it with the one found in the Windows folder. On the other hand, if this ‘fix Windows errors’ way didn’t work, replace the registry with a new file. Move the file to a Windows folder from a DOS prompt.

• Out of memory is the second common error. Adding some memory (RAM) or cleaning up some space on your hard drive is the way to ‘fix Windows errors on this problem’. In the worst case, malware and viruses have already infiltrated the system and using an antivirus and antimalware is the way to “fix Windows errors” like this.

There are other problems not mentioned, but the Internet is a library of Windows problems. Just browse the net to familiarize yourself with these errors on your Windows.

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