Wreckers: by Tom Horn and Cris Putman – Book Review

This gritty book by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam is a groundbreaking work that delves into an in-depth investigation of the many secret societies, like the Skull & Bones, that are so prolific in our nation’s capital, the sewer of humanity. In this perplexing chronicle, Their focus is on the esoteric occult and its harrowing plot that holds an incredible secret that they just want the members to understand.

deep state

Satanists and Masonic devotees are using a shadow government to fight Trump at all times to slow down his agenda, sideline any positive outcomes, and manipulate our government through DC based secret societies in their insidious quest to establish a New Order. World.


Tome Horn’s best work to date, “Saboteurs”, follows this quest which is on the great seal of America, points to a story told by John in the larger than life book of Daniel’s revelation and prophecies that show that this empire has a body of iron and feet of clay. These esoteric elites and their secret societies are casting spells to bring about an order in which the antichrist will rule. This sinister strongman will be called the gray champion and the powerful bankers and elite billionaires of Europe will back him at all costs.

horn investigates

Tom Horn shows the sinister plot to bring about the hoax that will be a big lie told at a time in the future that will advance his theory of one world government. They want their empire to have one world money, one world religion, one world dictator and one world tax to support all these sinister works. This antichrist, who will be very similar to Hitler, will want everyone on earth to have a mark on his body so they can buy and sell. In the revelation it is called the mark of the beast.

horn shows

Horn says and I quote:

“This research addresses:

*The Supernatural Truth Behind Trump Derangement Syndrome

*How the federal bureaucracy is a tool of the Deep State Occultists

*Shocking Revelations About Satanism in the US Capitol from WikiLeaks

*What’s in the Shadow Government two miles from the White House

*Obama, Alinsky and a dedication to Lucifer

*Steve Bannon, the Fourth Change and The Gray Champion

*The Necronomicon and why ZENITH 2016 has just been completed

*Why rabbis in Israel believe Donald Trump is paving the way for the Messiah

*Hidden truth about Pope Francis and Dr. Horn’s next big prediction

*House of Cards, Bohemian Grove and the secret deal that was made

*Hilarion, witchcraft, the work of Babylon and the spiritual kitchen 2020

*And much more.”


For those who want to stay in the know, this investigative book “Saboteurs” gets to the bottom of the deep state and the grand plan they are trying to pull off. Horn gives his educated prediction on what he thinks will happen, who wins, how it happens, why Trump will see what’s coming, when these things will happen, and his final take on the swamp stuff.

I give this book a rating of five stars out of five for its timing, excellent perspective, reasoning focused on why this will soon fall apart, and why the world will be shocked to learn who the winner is. Absolutely great job!

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