Why Tiger Cheated: My Analysis of the Men in Power

Now that the Tiger Woods affair is officially off the bag and I have gotten over my initial disgust, it sheds light on some major issues of infidelity and monogamy that deserve further exploration. Why did he do it, especially with such a perfect life and wife? The fact that he could cheat on a beautiful former model doesn’t make any woman safe, and raises questions like, “Well, if he could cheat on HER, men would cheat on anyone!” Well, after testing the situation, I discussed the reasons why Tiger, and most men, cheat on their beautiful women, in the hope that you will learn their lessons and contemplate yourself.

1. Self-sabotage. He’s been seen time and time again with celebrities, from Britney Spears to Mel Gibson to Michael Jackson, and relationship experts like me recognize it even more clearly: the pattern of sabotaging an area of ​​his life when everything else is going well, even at its peak. Cheating is one of those things that is largely the manifestation of this self-sabotage, the more successful the person is and the more he has to lose, unfortunately, the more often we tend to see this type of behavior.

2. Power and success. The level of success and power of the man is the first important factor at play here. The more powerful and successful a man is, the more attractive he is to women and the greater the abundance of women and options available to him. Add to that that this continual influx of women and affection fuels their power and ego even more, so they literally get addicted to the attention and being completely faithful to just one woman just robs them of it.

3. Opportunity. Opportunity is everywhere for these men in power, beautiful women and sex is constantly thrown in their faces. They may even rationalize it by thinking, “If I say yes to only 1 in 500 women who pressure me … That’s pretty good!”

4. Boredom at home: The fact that these men have a lot of women and opportunities all the time, these women they are married to need to realize this and make sure to increase their level of excitement and variety in the home. They must be very cautious not to fall into the trap of being overly comfortable and gaining weight, falling into predictable routines, and neglecting romance. Exhibit A: Jennifer Anniston vs. Angelina Jolie.

5. Challenge: Men often cheat to gain some of the excitement and challenge that they have lost since entering a monogamous relationship. People often make the mistake of wrapping their entire world around their partner, expressing their love and commitment to them freely and, as a result, lessening any sense of challenge left to their partner. Even though a woman can be a celebrity and beautiful, she is still subject to this same crime and therefore is prone to creating the same result with her man. If she gets lost in him and doesn’t challenge him at all, no matter how beautiful she is, he will eventually wonder if he settled and will get turned on by a woman who will haunt him more.

These are some of the most common reasons men cheat, and why I personally feel like a cheated Tiger, even with such a wonderful life and such a beautiful wife by his side. Read them, learn from them … and post your comments and thoughts!

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