What you need to know about hospitals in Casablanca

The name Casablanca invokes memories of a different kind in most of us, but what many people do not remember is that it is also synonymous with one of the main tourist destinations of the Moroccan nation on the African continent. While Morocco is rapidly gaining popularity on the list of favorite tourist spots, the main cities in the region that draw the biggest crowds are Rabat and Casablanca. Due to an increase in the number of tourists, Casablanca is becoming a modern city, although it is still comparatively conservative by Western standards.

Casablanca is the economic center of Morocco. One contributing factor is that it is both the commercial port and the naval port of the country. Tourists will find that they have delicious feasts lined up for both the eyes and the tongue. However, you may run into some unexpected health difficulty. Here’s some great research on the hospital facilities available in Casablanca in a pinch.

Hospitals in cities like Casablanca are well equipped. Since the national government provides funds for these facilities, the treatment costs are not very high. However, a foreigner should be clear about the diagnostic and medical fees before paying the bills. Credit cards or checks may not be valid in most Casablanca hospitals. Wait for doctors to ask for cash before treatment begins for a tourist patient.

Be sure to check the extent of health insurance coverage you have. Most policies need a separate extension in case you have to cover your medical expenses while on vacation in a foreign country.

The pharmacies and hospital dispensaries of Casablanca are strict in supplying over-the-counter medicines. If you use something regularly, it is advisable to carry it in large quantities so that you do not face any problems with it. Be sure to include your labels. Your past medical history and existing medical conditions (if any) should be made clear to the doctors there in case you are admitted for treatment at any of the Casablanca hospitals. It is advisable that you keep copies of all your medical documents and papers for your insurance policies while you are on Moroccan land.

Clinique Aftal, Clinique Zektouni and Clinique Badr are the best hospitals that a tourist can approach and, in all probability, they will not be totally dissatisfied with Casablancan’s services in the medical field. The BADR Clinic is located at 35, rue el Alloussi Bourgogne. The phone is 0522-49-28-00.

Just be prepared to deal with the problem of miscommunication during your consultation, as only a handful of doctors and medical staff speak or understand English. However, French is well understood. It might be possible to get a translator, as many young Moroccans speak English as a result of the invasions of television and Internet services.

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