Unemployed? Stop begging for a job to survive and face the fact that you have failed yourself!

Are you unemployed? Stop begging for a job to survive and face the fact that you failed yourself! Yes, you are the cause of your own death because you have failed to internalize the truth about your situation and circumstances. Employers owe you nothing, in fact receiving money from them puts you in the same position as the addict or the prostitute, the drug dealer or the pimp will never do anything to further their captive interests and employers big, small or intermediates subscribe to the same basic principles. They are greedy, self-centered, selfish, ruthless and can never be trusted. Stop and really think for a moment that everything they do is directly or indirectly related to their ultimate goal, i.e. they get more and more from you without you getting more and more. The “rich” have evolved from slavery, forced labor, and contract service to “employment.”

Employment is defined as: An instance of such activity and employee is defined as: Someone who receives work from another, usually for a wage or salary and in a position below the executive level. Notice the word you just read “instance” which means an infinitesimal space of time or a point in time that separates two states, two states like employed and unemployed, a temporary point in time. Then look at another word you just read “salary”, this word evolved quite naturally to find a way to get more of us to do more and more and get paid less and less. The salary cleverly avoids the minimum wage while “de facto” partially rehiring the employee (us). When working for someone or any entity, one must know that we will never actually be paid what our work is worth, however, we accept this agreement because we need a source of income to support ourselves, in order to survive reasonably or even unreasonably. We also know that employment is temporary in nature, but our nature is to plan as if it is permanent or will at least last for a long period of time, defying logic. Once employed, we are trapped because we have essentially agreed to sacrifice a part of our limited life and even our most precious gift, our health, under many circumstances. Life doesn’t have to be this way and the alternative is within all of us where it has always been if we allow ourselves to think outside the box.

This box that has been intentionally built for us is meant to suppress, deaden, and even kill any hopes or dreams we have of our own self-sufficiency, as well as mortgage our obvious God-given abilities. Our training begins early in life when we are forced to adapt to be malleable and controllable in the same way that a pack horse or mule is trained by rewards and punishments, but in our case the ropes, the bridle, the whips and saddles are formal education. and socialization. In general, we are educated to work for others and not for others to work for us or for ourselves. The people who are the heads of the industry, those in power, as well as the rich are no different than you or me, the difference is how they have been groomed, educated and cultivated. From the start they are told, indoctrinated, encouraged and automatically expected to assume positions of power, influence and entrepreneurship. Of course they are providing all the tools, education and access to contacts to make this happen, we the masses are not. In fact, we are blocked, misdirected, discredited, and denied even elementary access to the very progressive paths they take for granted. It discourages us to even think that we can reach our true potential from our first days in school.

The school system is expected to produce “worker bees” or at least the part of the school system that we are normally exposed to. We are simultaneously supporting what I call a “shadow school system” that exists in this country and many others dedicated to properly educating the elite to seize the reins of power, wealth, and property at the expense of the public. Need I say that admission is strictly controlled and definitely extends through all pathways of higher education? For example, in college or university, when you start, there are the usual basic requirements for a new freshman, however, look at what these courses are, things like arts, biology, accounting, etc. No one takes you into a room and says “let me walk you through the basics of starting your own business right now so you can get it up and running ASAP and fine-tune it for the next 4 years.” Nobody says “come sit in the board meeting of this great corporation so that he can learn the procedures, make contacts, understand how the corporation works, generates profits and operates politically!” No one is advising him to open a commodity futures account right away and learn to trade on paper until he can use small amounts of money to make big money. Nobody tells you how to buy and sell and control valuable real estate using nominal amounts of cash. New students are never given the tools they really need to be in charge of their own future or how to properly chart a course in life like the children of the “rich.” The “have-nots” are taught to conform as “worker bees” to take what they are given except their lot in life and learn to submit to others in control. Unfortunately, the infectious and ubiquitous designed “small thinking” ensures that the “have-nots” become victims of an educational system under the control of the “haves”.

What does this mean for us? First it means that we need to recover from our mutual rudeness because this is what is holding us back. We should not expect to receive fair treatment from someone who offers us a job; work, if we must take it, should only be a means to an end, our goal being self-employment and finally true independence. This achievement will do the following:
1. Get rid of any unrealistic expectations from any employer
2. Crush all lost loyalty based on promises and temptations that are offered to us.
3. Allow us to invest in ourselves instead of an employer who may break any promise, whether written or oral.
4. Help us to use our free time to plan our independence instead of working overtime or wasting time on meaningless jobs
5. Help us overcome our fear of the unknown by preparing to live without a weekly paycheck because this is the very essence of the weapon they have on us “the threat of poverty”
6. Believe in ourselves and in our own ability to create work and opportunities for ourselves.
7. realize that we must be strangers, go our own way no matter what others do because if we follow the crowd we will get the same results and this serves the “rich”, not us
8. Overcome our fear of “pink slip,” layoff, downsizing, shutdown, layoff, or layoff
9. Lastly, gain the strength to make threats of disciplinary action, briefs, or simple workplace politics irrelevant.

My message to those seeking higher education to get through these turbulent times is this, yes, some forms of education give you an edge, but make absolutely sure it is knowledge you can use to start your own business and you have a definite plan. to do it right away. One must understand that the business and financial recession is man-made, then promoted, packaged and sold in the mainstream media controlled by the “rich”. The rich and those at the top of the economic food chain are not suffering, in fact they are benefiting like never before or perhaps at least since the “Great Depression”. Look what they are getting out of all this fear, terror and uncertainty they have created. People who would normally come to their employer hat in hand begging for a raise (which they richly deserve) are now so scared they don’t ask. In many cases, people are willing to settle for just having a job, and often for less money and benefits.

Second, they have weakened the unions and are constructively dissipating their power, while decimating their ranks. Next, they are forcing new graduates to take whatever they are given and work as peons (rostras) to displace older, more experienced, more expensive workers (note that many times this will happen semantically under the guise that they are offered a job as a contractor, not as a direct employee). ). These scare tactics are part of a strategic plan to weed out workers who are considered obsolete or redundant and know full well that new graduates come to work for them for less and pawned to the guts with loans to pay. These loans are the hook they need to ensure compliance no matter how they use it. Loans bring up the next topic or you haven’t noticed technical schools, universities, colleges and training organizations advertise and push hard for more students because they know there is an air of desperation going on and they must get his unfair part. of those who can least afford it.

This is all a stinky “asset account” because the reality is that graduates are now largely accepting jobs below their station if jobs are available. Many graduates continue to work their low-wage subsistence jobs or return home to live with family because they cannot afford to be independent. Graduates are now joining the ranks of “the working poor.” Everyone is told that more education or training is the answer or will give you an advantage over other potential hires, unfortunately this is not exactly true. One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over again and expecting a different result. The point of reality is that if you do what everyone else does, you will get the same result.

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