Training pants or underwear for toddlers: which is better?

Are you getting ready to potty train your child? Are you wondering whether to wear toddler cloth training pants or plain underwear? That’s a good question because there are pros and cons to both. By taking a look at each one, you can get a good idea of ​​which one is right for you and your child.

Training pants for young boys: the professionals.
– Cloth training pants are thick and absorbent, designed to contain, in a way, any accidents that your child may have. Especially for little ones who go to the potty and are sometimes a little late for the potty, they work quite well.
– Your toddler will feel wet if he has an accident. This is a very good thing. Children who are uncomfortable when they are wet or dirty tend to learn to go to the bathroom faster.
– The training underwear is washable and can be used over and over again.

What are the disadvantages of cloth training pants?
– They are not full proof. To handle big accidents, some training pants come with plastic or waterproof outer shells or you can simply add a pair of plastic pants over a pair of non-waterproof training pants.
(Disposable training pants also handle accidents well—so well, in fact, that many toddlers don’t notice a difference between wearing a diaper and treating disposable pants as such, slowing down their training.)
– Since training pants are so thick and comfortable, some toddlers find it a bit difficult to get them on and off. Larger leg openings make it easier to do this, but larger openings also mean more chances for you to escape an accident.

Training underwear for toddlers is a bit different. The advantages of these are…
– which are slim and lightweight, making them very easy for most toddlers or preschoolers to handle.
– Your toddler will also feel wet or dirty if he has an accident in his underwear. In fact, the first time a child experiences this, you often see a look of shock on their face.
– Plain underwear is also washable and reusable.

It’s not all good news, of course. The cons of training underwear for toddlers are as follows:
– Very fine fabric and therefore unable to contain most accidents. When you go out or if your child isn’t yet potty-trained, you’ll want to add plastic briefs over underwear.
– If your child is new to potty training, plan on LOTS of laundry and cleaning when wearing toddler underwear.

There is a season and a need for each of these products in the life of a young child. Sometimes a child has particular sensitivities and that determines the use. However, from a practical standpoint, starting with cloth training pants makes sense because your child is more likely to have accidents.

Later, your advanced potty training learner can wear toddler underwear as the “next step” for growing up. It can be another milestone for your child, something fun and important to work towards. Toddler Training Pants or Underwear? Try a couple of each with your child and see what happens. That will tell you both exactly where you want to go from here.

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