Time for a Spiritual Oil Change

Time for an oil change

It’s that time again. Every 3 months or so I have the oil changed in my car, and by now it’s expired. Honestly, I’ve let a few things slide, so it’s not just the oil that needs to be changed, the pumpkins (rear diff) need lubing, the spark plugs need to be changed, and the whole engine needs a good tune-up. I know if I neglect it much longer the car will start to growl, misfire, stall, and eventually break down on the roadside.

Spiritually I am in the same place as my car these days. I’m about to have an “oil change”. In my case, I have to take a break from my routine. Instead of checking email and Facebook every morning, I need to open my email from God and sit in the presence of his face. I see my life falter and fail because I have been skimping on my devotional time, reading commentaries instead of studying the scriptures, and rushing to pray instead of enjoying the Son.

In a basement a few days ago I took out my Bible. It was under 2 books and an alarm clock and it’s been there for an embarrassingly long time. (In my carnal defense, it’s so thick my injured arm hurts carrying it, so I’ve been reading it on my iPhone.) I opened the cover and a page of notes fell out. For the past 13 years, the Lord has given me words of encouragement for my son who is battling a benign tumor. This is the page that fell…

It is curious how the Lord works, those promises given to my son, written in my own handwriting, now said a lot to my heart. It was like a warm healing oil that bathed my heart.

Well, just as my car needs more than an oil change, my soul needs more than a brief encounter with a piece of paper. I need to tune up spiritually. So I’m going to dig into the word. I hope I have some filters to change. I’ve been watching too much television lately. I know I need new spark plugs. My body needs more exercise. For me, there is not much sweeter than walking in prayer.

I encourage you to also take a good look at your own spiritual vehicle. Are you going through the scripture path like me? Neglecting the only one who can keep you going? Filling up on cheap substitutes; like tv?

Start your tune-up today! Christians should never be stranded on the side of the road of their own lives through negligence, amen?

Enough for now, I have to call Jiffy Lube and get my car fixed so I don’t need to call you for a ride!

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