The Abercrombie & Fitch Icon: College Athletes as Male Role Models

Why would any normal American male college student agree to be photographed frolicking naked on the beach, wrestling with other college kids, or just modeling shirtless before an unforgiving camera lens? Why? It is to be the new icon of male modeling.

Each era has its icons. Whether it’s the Gibson Girls of the turn of the last century, the Vargas Girls of the World War II generation, or the Arrow Shirt Men of the 1950s, the history of pop culture is documented by images of beauty, perfection, and sexuality. of the time. And, while the Pin Ups of the past were reserved for the image of feminine beauty, today it’s up to university students.

The Abercrombie male model is the new gold standard of male modeling. The Abercrombie Male has transcended the four corners of product marketing and has itself become a historical artifact recording modern day pop culture. Like the statues of the perfect male form found in the ruins of Greek and Roman temples, today’s Abercrombie model is tomorrow’s history in the making.

The appeal of the Abercrombie Model is based on its reality. That’s because Abercrombie models are real guys culled from college campuses across the country. You know them, you’ve hung out with them, you’ve gotten so drunk with them on a Friday night that you gave up alcohol for a year, or at least until the next Friday night. They are in your Fraternity, in your class and in your dorm room. Abercrombie modeling is not, in fact, for the professional male model, although many Abercrombie models have found immeasurable success as professional male models and actors.

A&F models aren’t always frat boys. They are often college athletes living a fun “frat” life. With the exception of notable standouts that developed a fan base like The Carlson Twins, Abercrombie often uses male models just once, allowing guys on campus to continue their modeling careers. Check out a sample of current A&F Quarterly or Abercrombie New Faces and you’ll see a strong showing among athletes. Jeremy Bloom was a champion skier and soccer player, Abe Taylor was a wrestler and cross country runner, Jeff Popovich was a soccer player, Kyle Maynard was noted because he was a wrestler and was born with a congenital disorder. Jeremy Black wrestled, Warren Kenzie was a swimmer, Brad Kroenig was a standout soccer player. Charlie Scheerer was an athlete at SMU and Josh Yetzer was a standout high school wrestler.

So an aspiring Abercrombie model would be smart to let casting directors know about her athletic prowess and lack of inhibition when nude. She has always accused athletes of being naked in the locker room. It’s a short step for production planners to translate that comfort in the locker room with comfort on camera. Joseph Sayers certainly turned heads for being a wrestler who posed nude for a Playgirl casting presentation. Abercrombie definitely pays more than Playgirl!

Abercrombie modeling is becoming an adjective. The term Abercrombie Model is an instantly recognizable description of the perfect All American College athlete. The Abercrombie Male Model is the look, the feel, the image of physical appearance that everyone will strive for. Even Hollister, the new spin-off brand, is the new target for aspiring high school male models.

So why would a normal college kid run naked on a beach and fight other guys in front of a camera? The answer is simple. He will be immortalized as the new American male icon: the Abercrombie model.

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