Textured and Structured Cabinet Doors

Structured and textured cabinets are essentially the opposite of high gloss cabinets. Instead of smooth and shiny, these are thick and matte. As a result, doors and drawers have a more natural look and feel. While high gloss is still quite common in kitchens and bathrooms, when trying to achieve a more organic design, they tend to opt for a more textured or structured door.

Over the years, structured and textured cabinet doors and drawers have become commonplace in modern kitchens and bathrooms. The beautiful textures add movement and depth to a bathroom or kitchen without being too loud.

In addition to structured and textured cabinetry, contemporary styling is also represented by cool colors, a relaxing atmosphere, stone surfaces, and nature-inspired elements. The ultimate goal is to combine charming ambience and beautiful appearance with practical functionality.

Building a nice 3/4-inch cabinet box that’s strong enough to take apart and take with you if you move house is becoming standard in the European market. If you have a nice safe, with high-quality hardware from a company like Blum, and some nice structured and textured cabinet doors without handles. Then you have a great base for creating a very luxurious feeling kitchen (without handles I mean doors that you open with your fingers or doors that you push with magnets).

In addition to structured and textured cabinetry, some of the most popular finishes today are gray oak, white lacquer, cedar, and stone. Finishing details and furnishings are simple and use clean lines.

Cool tones seem to dominate the vast majority of modern kitchens. They have a very simple and contemporary look and can help you feel calm and calm.

Clean cabinet lines can work wonders. One can design cabinets in such a way that they fully integrate with the wall. Using a tool like textured cabinetry gives one the ability to stay within the modern style.

A few more trends we’ve seen happening these days are big windows, unusual shapes, handleless cabinets, and an open floor plan. An open floor plan is most notable. This layout gives one the ability to flow through your entire home more easily and is therefore more conducive to a social environment. In addition, this design allows the people who cook in the kitchen to interact with the rest of the people in the house.

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