Rottweiler dogs are brave and totally fearless

This dog may be the only dog ​​that has been loved and hated in equal measure throughout the world. Rottweiler breed dogs are loved for their extreme loyalty and protection towards their owners and all their property, but to such a degree that they are known to attack even if the domestic cat is in danger.

Rottweiler dogs are truly beautiful with their deep and silent intelligent eyes fixed on you trying to understand what you want from them by telepathy. These dogs tend to act extremely calm and it is very difficult to anger them. In reality, they attack only as a last resort and only when they feel that your property is in direct danger. Due to their qualities such as courage, reliability and lack of fear, they are used as rescue dogs and do their job without backing down from what happens.

A purebred Rottweiler has an exceptionally good nature and you will not find this dog growling and attacking for no reason, nor will you see him bark in vain. They don’t actually bark at people, they bark when disturbed by, say, noise, too much commotion, and any other similar irritant. They can transform in the blink of an eye from an indulgent pet to a terrifying beast if danger threatens their property. But they will not bite if it is not strictly necessary. This proves that his bad reputation is not well founded.

Working means happy dogs

The Rottweiler loves to be useful and thrives when put to work and you will find that he has an exceptionally cheerful nature, although he will maintain self-respect in all circumstances. This breed needs to know that you are in charge, so it is important that the owner be able to physically control it. Rottweilers are pack dogs of origin and will always obey the pecking order.

You need to consider all aspects before buying such a dog. You must teach him the rules and constantly remember them for two years. In case you can’t give this dog your full attention during these two years, this dog is definitely not for you. Training is easy but should be constant until the dog is mature. They are dogs that will always test how far they can go and any behavioral discrepancies must be firmly checked when they occur.

Rottweiler puppies have a bad habit of chewing everything they can and are extremely excitable, capable of destroying your house in one day. They also bite hard and are not welcome with children. After hundreds of years of parenting, their fighting instincts and aggressiveness seemed forgotten, but if you encourage them to play mock fighting, tug of war, and other aggressive games, these instincts will emerge.

Nowadays, having a purebred Rottweiler dog means having an excellent companion with a very balanced temperament, and not a fierce and ferocious one. You must understand that this dog is very territorial and protective of its territory, it has its own personality and is totally intrepid. If you don’t understand it well, you won’t be able to control it and someone could get hurt.

The physical appearance of the Rottweiler is very impressive: so graceful, but so powerful at the same time. And these characteristics and temperamental traits complete the picture of a wonderful companion.

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