Poems and poetry about love

What is the nature of love? True love is at the same time inexpressible and to speak of love is to lose its essence. However, the great poets have tirelessly sought to give expression to the deepest longing of the Soul. Poetry more than any other medium seems capable of shaping the highest ideals of love and the immortality of our soul’s highest consciousness.

True love is unconditional, it does not seek to influence or guide others. True love is free of expectations and demands.

love is something

Who never cared to learn

How to judge anyone.

-Sri Chinmoy

The power of love to raise our consciousness is limitless. The Seers suggest that love is our true essence. When we experience love in its purest form, we revel in its indescribable transformative power.

“Love does not seek to please itself,

He doesn’t even care for himself

But for another he gives his ease

And build a heaven in the despair of hell.”


Love in all its mysteries captures the heart and soul of a person. In the presence of love, all the rich in the world lose their attractiveness. The lover can only get satisfaction from the uninterrupted union of the lover. The sweetness of love is only matched by the bitter pains of separation. Tennyson’s poet said: “It was better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” However, the pains of separation have also spurred the most moving and haunting poetry. When a great poet shares his greatest experience of the soul, we feel the unmistakable pull of the heart. The poetry of the Sufis is rich in songs of devotional intensity.

I cannot do without my Beloved for a moment.

I have been pierced by the arrow of love,

What should I do?

The fire of separation is incessant!

-Bulleh Shah

Love captures the heart and soul. The desire and realization of love leads to ecstasy. The pains of separation and loss tear at the lover’s heart. Human love seems subject to the whims of fate; an inexpressible joy intermingled with unimaginable pain. The human search for love: a roller coaster of emotions.

While human love often brings frustration and suffering, divine Love brings real and permanent satisfaction. In divine Love we have a feeling of oneness with the totality of God’s creation. Our Soul is consciously or unconsciously seeking union with the highest transcendental consciousness. When we love the source, at the same time we see God in everything.

Oh love, oh pure deep love, be here, be now,

I know everything: worlds dissolve in your

stainless endless glow.


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