Moving to solar energy: what are the benefits?

Solar power has many benefits in addition to the one most people associate with solar power, which is lowering your electricity bill. Obviously, this is a huge advantage resulting from having a solar electric system installed, but there are many more, so let’s take a look at all the advantages now.

1. Reduced electricity bills

As already mentioned, this is the main reason that most people invest in solar energy and since the average payback period of the system is 5-10 years, the possibility of getting free electricity after the period of recovery only makes solar power even more advantageous.

2. System reliability

Photovoltaic (PV) systems undergo rigorous testing and have been shown to continue to perform efficiently even in the harshest conditions. By including a battery backup with a system, continuous operation can be virtually guaranteed when needed.

3. Durability

Most solar panels are guaranteed to function for at least 25 years, but will continue to function well beyond the guaranteed period, providing free electricity to the owner for the life of the system beyond the first 25 years.

4. Virtually maintenance free

After a solar electrical system has been installed, very little maintenance is required, as there are generally no moving parts involved. Panels will occasionally need to be cleaned if a film of dirt has built up on them, or if objects or debris fall on them, as this can impede the efficiency of the panels.

It is important to prevent shade from affecting the solar panels, as this could dramatically reduce the performance of the panels, so overhanging trees must be pruned to prevent this from happening.

5. No pollution

A solar power system makes virtually no noise, emits carbon or greenhouse gases, making it perfect for today when global warming is such a major concern.

6. No fuel consumption

Since a solar electric system runs on power from the sun, there is no need to buy, store, or transport fuel of any kind, as the system is self-contained and has no moving parts. This also contributes to reducing pollution, as fossil fuels are not needed to power the system.

7. Modularity of the system

Since PV systems are designed with expansion in mind, it is possible to start with a smaller system than necessary and then add more panels as budget and / or needs dictate. This is a great advantage of solar energy, which makes it much more affordable for many more families. Most people assume that they need to spend a considerable sum to get the largest possible system to meet their electricity needs, and they don’t know that they can start small, keep costs low, and expand the system later.

8. Energy independence

It has been determined that the main motivation for most people when investing in a solar system is the fact that it gives them some independence from their utility company. If so desired, a system can be designed to provide complete independence, which is a wonderful option to exercise as it frees the owner from the inevitable and continuing increase in the cost of electricity provided by the grid due to growing shortages. . and cost of fossil fuels.

9. High altitude: no problem

Solar panels actually operate at close to maximum efficiency in high-altitude locations, as the sun’s energy is more powerful at higher altitudes, providing a greater amount of insulation.

10. Security considerations

Since there are no moving parts and no fuel is used, there is no danger of combustion or injury from mechanical equipment.

It should be obvious by now that solar energy brings with it many more advantages than the purely economic ones, although many perceive this as the main advantage. Solar energy brings benefits in many other areas, and the number of benefits will continue to grow as technology improves and we become more aware of the best ways to take advantage of the incredible gift of free energy that the sun provides us.

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