Minnie Mouse birthday invitations will really cheer up your daughter’s guests

Girls love Disney’s Minnie Mouse. Whether in cartoons or videos, this cute little mouse created by Disney is a favorite of many children around the world. So if your little girl is also a fan of Minnie Mouse and her birthday is just around the corner, you can make it more special by sending Minnie Mouse birthday invitations to her friends.

These invitations naturally decide the theme of the party. For birthday invitations, you can easily create Minnie the Mouse’s head shape and complete it with a colorful bow. Use gel pens to write the invitations. If you are not good at art, you can enlist the help of various clubs to assist you in your endeavors.

Next is the decoration or color scheme. Children love bright, vivid colors. Mickey’s partner Minnie is famous for her red dress and polka dot bow. You can decorate your house or the party place with black, red and white colors. Now, Disney’s Minnie Mouse is generally a girl’s favorite. Guys won’t like the idea. So unless it’s not a girls party, you may need to add Mickey Mouse to your party theme.

To give the children’s birthday party a more creative look, guests can become “mouse keepers.” Girls can come in colorful dresses and dresses with a Minnie Mouse headband. Children can receive Mickey Mouse headbands. You can even color their noses with a felt-tip pen or black felt.

Thinking or planning food for birthday parties is very hectic. Well, with a Minnie Birthday Invitations theme, the problem is solved. First of all, the cake should be in the shape of Minnie Mouse. You can bake a cake or buy it from the bakery. There may be many stores in your area that sell food and chocolates shaped like Minnie or Mickey Mouse. Other food ideas include chunks of cheese, chicken or hamburger nuggets, Mickey and Minnie-shaped cookies, and juices.

No party is complete without games. There are a number of games that children can play and have fun with. Some of the games that can be included are: musical chairs with Disney music, pin Minnie’s nose, paint Minnie mouse’s face, make Minnie / Mickey Mouse cupcakes, and hunt for Minnie’s treasure. All of the above activities keep kids busy and also bring out their creative talents. After these games, you can put on some great Minnie cartoons for the kids to see. In addition to this, you can also allow them to read any Minnie Mouse classic out loud and award prizes for the best reader.

Finally, you can end the party by gifting gift packages to the guests. You can make your own party favor packages and decorate them with Minnie and Mickey Mouse stickers. You can fill these packages with Minnie toys, coloring books, crayons, candy, and other goodies. Another option available to you is to buy Minnie the Mouse party favor packages from online stores.

You can even drop a thank you note or click on the pictures of the kids with their favorite Disney character. Your child will be grateful and will remember your Disney Minnie Mouse birthday party invitations for a lifetime.

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