Mary’s Son – A Christmas Carol – An Inspirational Read

Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas, written by Darryl Nyznyk, is a wonderfully moving story about the fears of youth and an inspiring read that reinvents the true Christmas story and wreath with a modern twist.

Sarah Stone is the eleven-year-old heroine in Mary’s Son. She lives a privileged life in an elegant mansion, but is angered by her non-existent relationship with her father. She walks in on the guy from across town. His name is Jared Roberts and he barely exists in a city slum called “Sink”. Jared also belongs to a gang of kids who also live hard lives of broken families and a street-smart existence. He is as angry at her fate as Sarah is at hers, and her “plan” will change their lives.

Jared is planning a robbery at Sarah’s mansion to take place just before Christmas. He envisions the theft will help others see him as the “mastermind” that he is. Now, he introduces a strange little man named Nicholas into Sarah and Jared’s life. His presence is worrisome to others around the children, but Nicholas means well and tries to snap Sarah and Jared out of their anger and plans for revenge.

Unsuccessful in his attempts to dissuade Sarah and Jared from destructive futures, Nicholas “kidnaps” the two of them and transports them to another place in time where a Christmas from long ago proves the true meaning of Christmas and changes their lives. forever.

The Son of Mary speaks to young people in a way that they can relate to and understand. Nyznyk demonstrates how the ancient story of Christmas and the birth of Christ can be significant in modern times. Nyznyk writes the story in a way that teaches children and teens what Christmas really means and how that meaning has been lost in the media’s version of expensive gifts, shopping and spending.

Readers of Mary’s Son will experience emotions that bring back memories of what they felt when they first read or saw Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” or the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It is a reminder that the true Christmas story exists and that we can successfully communicate to our children that it is okay to love God and your neighbor as you love yourself.

What a treat to read a story that helps us turn away from partisanship, anger, sarcasm, sniping, and hate. In The Son of Mary, Nyznyk puts Christ back in Christmas by reminding us of our real values ​​and how only by returning to these intrinsic values ​​can we save a society that has ventured so far from them.

Nyznyk’s characters endure all the problems that modern youth must face in today’s world: isolation, peer pressure, and anger, just to name a few. Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas, written by Darryl Nyznyk, provides hope in overcoming the obstacles they face. It is a book that you should definitely put on your Christmas list for a favorite young man in your life.

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