Leeloo’s Talent Agency Game Review

It is not just politicians who leave a legacy in terms of career. People in the movie industry do this a lot too, as we see the sons and daughters of famous stars taking the stage after their parents. At Leeloo’s Talent Agency, even though our main character had a family background that revolved around the film industry, he takes a much better approach: picking movie stars to appear in blockbuster movies.

Leeloo is the daughter of movie stars. Well, he’s not exactly the best of them, as his parents only appeared as extras in countless movies, but stars nonetheless. Anyway, Leeloo also wanted to join the film industry, but her parents disapproved. However, Leeloo didn’t bother and after graduating from college, she started her own talent agency so she could get involved in the ever-fabulous movie industry.

Leeloo’s talent agency has two game parts, one is a time management game and the second phase is a hidden object game. You will need to complete both phases of each level to continue your business journey. Just make sure you complete all the levels on time and you’ll be sure to have a thriving business after the seven movies you can make, ranging from ordinary westerns to futuristic and awesome themes.

In the time management game, your main task is to get the actors and actresses to fulfill the roles of the characters in the movie. As they enter your set, you must hand them the script for review, touch up their makeup, take their photos for magazines, and have them post for film shots, depending on what they need to perfectly fulfill their roles. Later levels will have you serving them food when they’re hungry too and other services like cleaning equipment after use. Then have the stars sign the contract and you’ll be one step closer to meeting your demand from the producers.

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