How to use your headphones with the new iPhone 8 mobile phone

Apple announced some of its best phones last year, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone Plus. These devices have some of the cool features like wireless charging and high resolution display.

When Apple released their iPhone 7 phone, a headphone jack was missing and people were wondering how they would use the next iPhone 8. But the good news for Apple fans is that the new iPhone 8 allows you to plug in your usual old headphones.

The most famous updated feature within all new iPhones is related to their potential to charge wirelessly. This is something that previous models were missing, just because of their design structure.

But now Apple offers the possibility of wireless connection with its headphones. But the point is, not everyone wants to use wireless headphones. Some people just don’t like these wireless headphones, while others don’t want to spend extra money on different headphones when they already have a pair.

In addition, Apple headphones are not designed to fit all types of ears, so you have to compare and check other designs from other manufacturers. Although this does not mean that Apple products are not comfortable despite the fact that these Air Pods simply do not fit well in some of the consumer’s ears.

So this is not a completely surprising thing to require the use of regular wired headphones with your phone, and people will likely still want to do it with the iPhone 8 smartphone or other similar Apple devices.

The good news for those who have no problem with the wired headphones that come with the new iPhone 8 will be able to do so comfortably thanks to the adapters.

Now it has been confirmed that the new iPhone 8 mobile phone does not include a headphone port, so you will have to use wired headphones, either through a “Lightning connector” or an “iPhone 8 headphone jack adapter”.

However, this option is by no means new, but users who don’t want to use Air Pods or any other wireless earbuds will probably praise that they still have their favorite listening option with the iPhone 8 phone.

This is also great news for those who might have assigned a new Apple iPhone, but don’t have much to spend more than that. This exceptional new iPhone 8 will retail for $ 699 at Apple for the 64GB model, but will be available at a relatively lower price from different mobile carriers depending on the plans selected. This is considered a big change and some people may not want to buy wireless headphones separately. So the inclusion of Apple’s ear pods and a way to connect wired headphones to the iPhone 8 phone is a smart move, hands down.

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