How to tuck a sock into your underwear to make it look like you have a bigger penis

Hello, it’s me, Billy “Blackjack”. Sometimes a man comes to a crossroads in his life where he might be thinking it’s a good idea to stack the penis cards in his favor. He thinks if he can add a little fluff to his outfit, maybe by stuffing something down his pants, he’ll fool the ladies into thinking he’s got the goods.

If you’ve done this before, still do it, or are thinking about doing it, let me help you out with some great tips. There are some things you want to do and, of course, some things you don’t want to do. Let me tell you about them:

You should get rid of boxers or baggy underwear. The reason for this is that you don’t want your “enhancement” device to come loose and go down your leg. Tight and snug is the way you want your underwear. You must wear “Y-Front”, this is the type of form-fitting underwear that has an inverted “Y” on the front.

Next, the best device is a socket. But not just any kind of socks. Get a sock that is 100% cotton. Stay away from synthetic things and mixed fabrics. Don’t wear a wool sock! These can be itchy and itchy and will drive you crazier than “crabs”. The sock must be of THICK material. No thin socks.

You will also need a fairly tight pair of pants. If you wear pants that are too baggy, then the outline of your “gadget” will not be easily noticeable. Of course, you will also have to wear the shirt tucked into the pants. If that’s not your style, then get a shirt that doesn’t cover your groin area.

Get a medium or large sock and start at the closed end and start rolling it up on itself. It should start to look like a small donut. Only do this on one third or one half of the sock. Then pull the loose (unrolled) open end back over the rest of the sock (the donut area).

This should make it solid enough that the coiled bit won’t come loose or uncoil. You can try anchoring it (to keep it from slipping on itself) with some rubber bands (around the sock, not the donut area), but they can catch on your pubic hair and be quite painful.

You should now have something that doesn’t look much like a penis. Yes, this is what we want. The last thing you want is something that bulges out of your pants and looks like a boner! You will become the laughingstock of the party.

Place the donut portion of the sock next to your penis on one side (not in the penis area!). Its center should be in the region between the penis and the testicles. Next, take the part of the sock that isn’t the donut and extend it down, at a 45 degree angle, on the same side/bottom of her underpants. This part will rest between the inner thigh and the pelvis.

It’s that simple and it’s quick and easy. It will be anchored with the underpants, so it will not move. If you move too much, you may need a tighter pair of briefs. All you have to do is put on your skinny jeans and you’re good to go.

Some men may want to use duct tape or create a Velcro attachment for their sock. Do not do this. Tape and hard plastic like this can rub against the skin, causing irritation and a rash. You especially don’t want to use tape if you have a lot of hair in this region.

When you’re done, look in the mirror and see how you look. If it looks weird or crooked, just move it around until it gives you the best presentation.

That’s all about it.

Of course, when a man is all talk and no action, as in this case, the ladies will be very disappointed in you when they find out the truth. One way to get a bigger penis live and real is by using penis exercises. Iron Man Penis is the book I recommend for men who want to be able to talk and walk without socks.

Billy “Blackjack” Carson

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