How to Bundle Your Leveraged Sell Offers

Is there a way to bundle leveraged sales in a way that is lucrative for both you and your prospects? The answer is yes, and we will cover the basic process of promoting packaged gifts. If you’re looking to increase your earning potential without having to rely on your core offer, leveraged selling is the way to go. Small gains over time lead to lower overhead and a stronger bottom line. You can see places like McDonald’s, Amazon, and even Starbucks offering unique items at low cost. They offer value to your prospects that ends up building your income stream.

Group your leveraged sales according to the need of the prospect

Leveraged sales are only as effective as the planning that has gone into creating them. From concept to research and finally to implementation, every aspect requires attention to detail. Just like when you created your marketing strategy. The leveraged sell offer should be developed out of a need. This need comes from knowing your prospects. It will take time to make sure your offers get sales. If not, you can look at your promotional efforts, offer type, and prospect profile to see if you’re hitting the mark or not.

You can bundle your leveraged sales ideas to increase value for your prospects. They can then lead to other offers or even to your main attraction. The most common way to group offers is to include two different types of offers. As an example, this would be an eBook and a worksheet in one package. Other examples include podcasts with personalized email correspondence. There is no limit to what you can group, you can also group a series. The most difficult elements to work with is the price.

Effective promotion of your leveraged sales package

Promoting your Leveraged Sell Combination Offers is very important to your success. Self-promotion can be difficult, but your income will require careful monitoring as you launch your offers on various social networks. As you promote informational material, you may also want to mix up your offers. Some channels may offer you other ways to reach your audience, running a small ad campaign could provide great insight into the effectiveness of your call-to-action message. Be careful with the data and always keep analyzing it to see where you can make improvements.

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