Heart Tattoo Designs – Take the Quiz to Find Your Perfect Tattoo

Are you students ready to take a test? Don’t worry, there is no way to fail this quiz. By the end of this quiz, you will know exactly which heart tattoo designs are the best for you. This is not the time to sit back, relax, and answer these two questions.

1) When looking for the perfect heart tattoo, I …

A) Search the Internet for free tattoo designs

B) Use my own artistic ability and try to get what I would consider perfect.

C) Ask my friends and family what the design should look like.

D) Join a membership site with images of thousands of cool tattoos

Question number one was actually a trick question because all the answers are correct. If you are not doing all of the above, chances are you will not be successful and will not find that perfect heart tattoo.

2) The reason I want to get this tattoo is because …

A) My love finally asked me to be his girlfriend

B) My boyfriend proposed to me

C) My boyfriend broke my heart so I want to get a broken heart tattoo.

D) Just because I think it’s cute

Let’s analyze each answer. If you answered “A” then you probably want to get your typical heart tattoo with your name around it. If you answered “B”, you may want to put the date of the marriage around the heart. The answer “C” means you must have a heart with an arrow through it or blood dripping. “D” means that you should place the tattoo in a nice place, like your lower back.

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