Five ways to ROCK 2014!

As the new year is already on its way, some of us are already on the hip in the hustle and bustle of our business. And if we’re not careful, we’ll sink into that hustle and lose sight of the big picture of our business.

Here are five ways to stay focused and on track throughout the year.

1 – Focus on RGA. RGAs are income-generating activities. They include those activities that are directly linked to the closing of the sale. RGAs obviously vary by business, but include things like cold calling, scheduling appointments, submitting offers, having initial meetings with clients, and requesting referrals. While there is certainly enough to keep us busy on a daily basis, consider the activities that someone other than you can do so that you can focus on those tasks that will make your business generate income.

2 – Get support. Having support can help reduce years of the learning curve, save thousands of dollars in mistakes, and be a lot more fun than removing things in your own brain. Find a brainstorming group, mentor, or coach. These people will bring responsibility, new ideas, and broaden your thinking. It is important to share your ideas with another person to expand your thinking. While it is valuable that this person is in your field of expertise, it is also beneficial to have objective eyes on your business.

3 – Track metrics. Beyond your RGAs, what metrics do you want to track in 2014? This is the perfect time to consider how to track them, how often you will review them, and what resources you need to gather the information and present it in a meaningful way.

4 – Prioritize your time. As I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to get distracted by a ‘busy job’ that doesn’t add value to your business. Have you ever walked into the office in the morning and felt so overwhelmed that you ended up running in circles because there is so much to do? I understand. That is quite common for business owners, as we are used to doing everything ourselves. Because it is so common, I have developed a simple tool to help prioritize.

5 – Be realistic about what he set out to do. While it is true that you want to push yourself, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Always add some reserve time to complete projects in your planning, in your quotes to clients.

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