Entry-level TV Vs Performance

You walk into the showroom and look at the wall of flat screen TVs and notice that there are about 27 of them that say “Samsung” and have a price range of $ 900 to $ 4000 and you have little idea what the differences are. The information label has little more than a model code and vague technical specification numbers. His friend told him to go in and just look at Samsung because now “they make the best televisions” and they have a hard time discovering anything other than the fact that they make the most of it. You imagine that, at first glance, they all look the same and your friend recommended Samsung to you, so you imagine that you would save money and get the $ 900 game. Did you make the right choice? Is the brand alone enough to deserve the purchase of a television? Did you know what the difference was between the game you chose and the $ 4000 game? Or even the $ 2000 one? This is something that puzzles many consumers and often leads them to believe that sales associates simply have their hands in their pockets when the higher priced games are brought to them. Are they wrong to do so? No, and I’ll explain why.

Understandably, we set budgets ourselves when considering purchasing new equipment. The sad reality is that most of us DO NOT do as much research as we think we do and we jump on the brand we like and start at the bottom of their list and try to deserve the pick with a logic like, “I just can’t justify spending $ 1600 on a TV, “or” It’s a Sony, so whatever model they make is good enough for me! “Some of us will even conclude through rigorous research that certain things like 240hz and internet connectivity would be beneficial. to own and, once we see the price difference, we try to convince ourselves that we don’t need them. There are even some of us who, at stores like Best Buy, for example, are almost afraid to walk into their Magnolia home theater because that’s where all the expensive sets are. But consumers don’t really know why those in rooms like this are there. Each television brand has a hierarchy. Don’t think of it as “low-end” and “high-end” as they primarily represent price. Think of it as entry level and performance grade. There are reasons why it would be suitable for the top performance set of the time. There are a few reasons, aside from limited budget or what space you’re going to get into, that would tilt you towards the entry level. Consumers are obviously not putting pioneering elites in their rooms. However, it’s sad that consumers are putting entry-level 55 “Vizios in their movie theater. It’s not a blow against a rising company like Vizio, but you get the point. Going back to the first thing I said, many consumers Do not understand why Samsung has different models ranging from Series 3 to Series 9. It is the same as people who think that Sony makes a TV and it is called Bravia.

What do you gain by uploading models? The simplest way to think about it is to divide the assortment into thirds. Let me use Samsung as an example as they make most of the models. If you look at their lower third (entry level), you’ll see that the things that tend to change as you go up on the models will be the resolution, going from 720 to 1080p, the contrast ratio, and the USB connectivity. I just described six models right there. When you move to the second level (mid-range), you get access to things like a higher hertz rate (120hz), contrast ratio, clear reflective screen for improved contrast, and internet connectivity. There I described about eight models. Then you move to the upper echelon (performance level) and start to get into things like the highest hertz rate (240hz), superior contrast ratios, 3D capabilities, special remotes, and thinner depth. I just described about five outfits there. In that example, I just went from their C350 LCD model to the C9000 LED model with that simple example.

Before you tell yourself you don’t “need” what the Samsung C9000 offers or the bottom line performance of any brand, take a look. We guarantee that you will be impressed with what they have and offer once you see it. Then you can walk the line to see where the price and performance are to meet your needs. EVERYONE loves the C9000 for many reasons, but the C6500 is one of their best-selling products due to its combination of price and performance in the eyes of many people.

It is important to be informed as it is equally important to know what is true and what the differences are between each model. If someone advises you to take a look at a particular model, ask them what the difference is between it and the model above it. I advised everyone to take a look at Pioneer Elite TVs when they were still being sold. It wasn’t because I got paid more to sell them or because I had one, it was because I knew it was important to see what’s best so that consumers can see where things are going. Simply put, you don’t know what you really want until you see what you can have.

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