Creative TikTok Advertising Options For Businesses and Brands

TikTok Advertising Options

You’ve probably seen some of the different creative ad formats available on TikTok, such as Brand Takeover Ads that show up as soon as users open the app. These are one of the most effective advertising options, but they also come at a premium cost. Luckily, there are other ways that brands and businesses can promote their content on the platform. You’ve probably seen plenty of creative TikTok ads on your daily scroll through the app. Whether you want to drive traffic, make sales or launch a new product, a well-crafted and targeted campaign can deliver big results.

The new Tiktok ADS Library is an excellent resource for marketers who are looking for inspiration and best practices. The library allows you to search for specific ads by category, region and industry. It also includes helpful info such as the total number of views, first shown date and last shown date for each ad. In addition to the searchable library, there are also a range of ad case studies on offer. You can even see how brands like Houseparty and Freal Milkshakes used branded hashtag challenges to promote their campaigns.

Branded hashtag challenges are a one-of-a-kind ad type that allows brands to promote their hashtag campaign across the entire platform. The ads appear in the Discover banner and cost up to $150,000 a day for prime real estate on TikTok. For example, the ad below from Guess Jeans features their #InMyDenim Challenge across the TikTok platform, including on TikTok’s Featured page. The ad also includes links to the brand’s website and other social media channels, as well as popular videos using the hashtag. The ad also includes the tag “Sponsored” and a note that it was created by a brand.

Creative TikTok Advertising Options For Businesses and Brands

For businesses of all sizes, TikTok offers a range of creative advertising options. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive direct sales or create a unique social media campaign, well-planned and executed TikTok ads can deliver incredible results. One of the most popular and effective ad formats is Brand Takeover Ads, which appear as soon as users open TikTok. They are one of the ad platform’s best-performing formats for driving both awareness and direct sales. Other advertising options include TopView Ads (which show up on the For You page as a full-screen video) and Branded Hashtag Challenges (a one-of-a-kind ad format that lets viewers participate in your brand’s unique challenge).

AI Video Editor has recently released new tools for advertisers, including an ad library that showcases the best creatives. This library allows users to filter by industry, region and ad type. Additionally, it provides an option to share ads with your team for collaborative planning. Pipiads’ suite of AI-powered marketing tools makes it easy to research, set up and optimize successful TikTok campaigns. For example, our UTM Builder automatically generates trackable links for TikTok ads, making it easy to measure the ROI of your ad spend. Get started with our free tools today!

TikTok has a ton of creative advertising options that are available to businesses and brands. You may even have seen some of these ads in your daily TikTok scroll. One of the most popular advertising formats is Brand Takeover Ads. These ads are shown to users as soon as they open TikTok and can be displayed as still images, GIFs or videos. They can also include clickable links that lead to a website or Hashtag Challenge within TikTok.

Carousel ads are a newer TikTok advertising option that show multiple photos or videos in a single ad. They can include up to 10 unique images and captions that can link to a landing page or multiple locations. Whether you’re running Branded Hashtag Challenges, Carousel ads or any other type of ad on TikTok, it’s important to have high-quality, engaging video content that will get people’s attention. This will help you drive conversions and achieve your advertising goals on the platform.

As with all social media platforms, the cost to advertise on TikTok varies depending on the campaign objectives you choose. Generally speaking, it costs less to optimize for higher-funnel events (traffic or page views) than it does to optimize for lower-funnel events (checkout, complete payment). The most successful TikTok advertisers focus on creating campaigns that are rooted in performance marketing best practices.

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