Conversational preservation

As a strategic leader, there will be many things you want to say to your people. Normal and routine things.

New hires, policy changes, new opportunities, things like that.

He also wants to talk about his change initiative. When you are reforming the culture, it is important to maintain the dialogue.

Celebrating victories.

Speaking of the best way to go.

Really, there is no shortage of things to talk about.

But there are few hours in the day and so many words to say before people tune out.

So here’s a tip to help cut down on the sentences you send to the workplace:

Keep your conversation going by making both of them one and the same.

This is what I mean.

Every time you say something, anything, to your people, link it to the change initiative.

If you are hiring a new strategic leader, talk about how their skills and experience will help drive this change.

If you’re going with a new provider, talk about how it aligns with the new future everyone is creating.

Never say anything without sliding into a reference to change.

That will make you seem obsessive to anyone who listens to you.


You should be obsessed.

Do you think change is easy for your organization? Is not. It is always painful. The only thing more painful than change is not changing.

Stagnation – It’s like all the hangovers you’ve had at the same time, every day.

Still, if your heart and mind aren’t 100% behind the change, your people will lose interest. And why not? They are busy enough dealing with all the usual stuff at their jobs. Most of them are more than happy to focus on it.

Keep raising the change initiative and you will never give them that opportunity.

And they will thank you. That’s the weird part. They will absolutely adore you for bringing this up with every breath.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.

But not much.

People prefer strong leadership to weak leadership. Strong leaders create legacies, good or bad. But weak leaders never accomplish anything other than increasing inertia and entropy.

Weak leaders talk about change … but only when it’s convenient.

Or they come up with plans that they quickly abandon.

By instilling the message of change in everything you say, you show that you are committed. You are constantly thinking about this. And you’re in this for the long haul.

People say action trumps words. Sure it does. But don’t underestimate the value of talking consistently and consistently about your vision for the future. It takes strength and discipline to stay on a message like that, which is exactly what your people want from you.

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