7 health benefits of seniors following line dance instructions

Line dancing is the second most popular thing older people like to do!

Line dancing is very popular among older people. It’s fun, there’s a great camaraderie among Seniors, and you don’t need a partner, and it’s an easy way to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

An activities director at a retirement/nursing home in California told me that line dancing is second only to square dancing in popularity and only because square dancing is an older form of dancing and more older people are familiar with it. the. Also, many older people were in square dance clubs and attending meetings every week when they were younger.

In almost any line dance instruction class, you will see a lot of older people. There are several mobility-friendly dances like “Tush Push,” “Electric Slide,” “Country Walkin’,” “Dancin’ with You,” and the always beautiful “Waltz Across Texas,” which I love to do with “Dreamin’ ‘My Dreams of You’ by Collin Raye. There’s even a tongue-in-cheek “sit down” line dance by Knox Rhine called “Take A Break” that doesn’t even need music! Most classes feature easy line dances as well as more advanced ones.

health benefits

The health benefits of line dancing are obvious. Everyone benefits from exercise and line dancing is so much fun it doesn’t seem like exercise. I read a report that people who line dance could possibly live ten years longer. This may or may not be true, but it is certainly something to consider.

Here is a list of some of the health benefits you will enjoy if you line dance regularly:

* Cardiovascular and muscular strength and flexibility improve;

* High blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels, as well as high blood sugar levels may improve;

* Coordination improves as you work on the different movements;

* Lung capacity may increase;

* Bone strength may increase; bone loss can be stopped or slowed down

* Helps with weight control: half an hour of continuous line dancing can burn an average of 300 calories

* The social aspects of line dancing are obvious. Your sense of well-being and the camaraderie you have with the other dancers is wonderful for your health.

Online dance videos are available everywhere

There are many dance DVDs and videos online that seniors can purchase and use to practice in the privacy of their own homes. This is especially good if you are embarrassed to go to a regular class or don’t have a class in your community that teaches line dancing for seniors.

Scooter Lee and Jo Thompson

Charming and talented singer-songwriter Scooter Lee has many classes geared toward seniors through her nonprofit organization, Dancing for the DreamĀ®, which she started with choreographer Jo Thompson.

Despite the popularity of his line dancing music, Scooter Lee initially did not line dance, even after being diagnosed with numerous health problems and being overweight. Finally, after learning how to eat well, exercise and create good habits in his life with positive thoughts and positive people, he included line dancing in his routine for good health. Although the damage to his joints and organs was not reversible, Lee began to pay attention to his own health and eventually lost approximately 150 pounds in five years.

Where to find classes to have fun dancing online

You can find many classes for seniors-only line dance instruction at community centers, parks and recreation departments, and church groups across the United States, as well as classes at dance studios.

If you live in the eastern part of America, check out the classes available through Step In the Name of Life(TM). They have classes in at least 32 cities. Jamie Gant formed the first group in Florida so his grandmother would have a place to line dance for her health. After going with her, he was ready to start classes for everyone. His goal: get away from diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more (TM).

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