21 spiritual sticky notes to improve your life

Here is a set of spiritual ‘sticky notes’ that can be used to empower your thinking and encourage ‘right action’. These twenty one inspirational quotes can have a profound effect on your life. Think of them as a spiritual ‘kick in the pants’!

Peace is not simply the absence of violence. It is also the removal of any intention to harm living beings or cause undue suffering.

A person at peace brings those around him closer to God.

The key to really getting started in life is to move beyond the ‘want, want’ stage and downgrade those perceived needs to preferences.

Preferences not only provide more options, they reduce dependency on desire. Try it.

Low self-esteem, feelings of isolation, and lack of confidence. Sounds familiar? All the ingredients for a sloppy existence.

Insecure people need a spiritual guide to help them find their way. Without a path it is dark and dangerous.

I always believed that those who never waited long were somehow less disappointed.

However, avoiding disappointment does not contribute to the satisfaction quotient – they are completely different ball games.

Social conformity does not necessarily constitute spiritual maturity. In fact, the more spiritually advanced you are, the more childish you become.

And a controlled childhood is far better than a reckless one prone to fatal accidents.

Do not ask, do not want. Be content with your being. Through silence you can hear the inner voice, and not until.

Thought cessation and vocal inactivity constitute true listening.

Practice destruction wisely; it has a central purpose. Outside the bad (air) inside the good … Don’t destroy what you still need, but clear space to improve efficiency.

Remember also that “less is more” and that simplicity rules. This implies that the reduction is a good thing. To reduce the size you have to carefully destroy.

A great deal of indulgence in rational thinking can take the fun out of life and sometimes substitute for inactivity when there should be action.

Be aware (!) Of how much time you spend thinking ~ and of course what you think about.

Rigid, fixed beliefs and closed minds have killed more people than all the world wars combined.

It also makes life with your neighbors unpleasant.

When you experience sexual desires not suppressed by a body, remember that your material existence is temporary.

That body is a “snapshot” of the flesh in the aging process between birth and death.

There is nothing that is not sacred. Period.

Treat everything you find with awe and awe (I know you will want to argue about this!).

Inner or outer beauty? Are you biased by gender (male or female)?

Don’t try to own or claim beauty (look but don’t touch), just appreciate it.

Try to create beauty wherever you go.

Learn to act on your hunches and flashes of inspiration.

The path to enlightenment is highly dependent on developing this skill so that it is directly attuned to the guiding voices of wisdom.

You cannot expect to be completely rational all the time. Sometimes it takes a distorted mind to relax the data of new experiences.

The simplest way to go crazy is to be stubbornly sane.

We all want to ‘belong’, seeking the approval of others to do so.

In reality, the underlying basis is that we all want to be loved, whether we admit it or not.

Acceptance is a reciprocal process. Once accepted, one must return the favor by accepting others.

They exist, but are seldom seen by mortals. A mortle is like a laugh, someone who doesn’t take the meaning of life seriously.

How to explain again that it is not linear and cannot be sustained? Most of the “time” we project out of it. We are thinking about the past (self-correction) or the future (goal setting).

Very rarely does the average person make full use of the moment, at which point time simply ceases to exist. Ask any artist or musician, who is quite intimate with him.

Who needs it when you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach?

People are so gullible it’s not funny. We have lost the ability to think things through and make logical and rational decisions.

In this world of hodgepodge, we have outsourced our brains to the media and put our faith in military-style operations.

Find me an honest man! In ancient Greece, Diogenes spent his days walking the streets of Athens with a lit lantern, looking for an honest man. That was BC, c412-323! You haven’t found one yet.

What is YOUR personal criteria for finding honest people?

A genuine person, although exhibiting the taste and flavor of a personality, must be egoless, attuned to the energy of the One who made the world and orchestrates its movements.

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